Brute Force Peace Keeper

This dog. This dog loves his mommy no matter what she does.

Scott pulled a prank on my Lyme brain Sunday morning while wrapping presents. Since we desperately need some humor in this house, I laughed and scolded him while girlie-slapping his arm and nudging his wine-belly. Loki, being the police dog that he is, broke up the action. You would think the high prey-drive dog would go after the one dishing out the violence. Instead, he clamored up onto Scott’s arm and hollered in his face. “Stop your teasin’ Pop!”  He doesn’t like anyone provoking his Momma. That’s my boy. Everyone knows you should respect the cookie jar guardian! We all had a good laugh at the cracker’s expense. Santa Paws is going to be extra generous with my loyal guardian this year.

Paws crossed for Santa Paws!

Red Alert


I’ve been known to boast about Loki and his natural talents but I never thought he’d live up to it. Maybe it’s because I see potential in him that nobody else can see. He literally saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and quite possibly our lives when he alerted to a fire that ignited at 5:30 a.m. this morning in our garage. Continue reading “Red Alert”

Love is the Bridge Between Two Hearts

Phthph!  This month’s masthead is totally sappy. I don’t do sappy well. I hemmed and hawed. I kicked and stammered. But Mr. Wild Dingo, who’s even less sappier than me, twisted my arm and told me to run it.

It’s just as well. This week, I’m giving a yoga class themed on love in light of Valentine’s Day. But luckily, I can pull off a yoga class with feel-good themes and leave the sap at home. There are lots of backbends and heart opening poses planned along with only the hippest tune list in Lausanne.

TravelMarx gave me a new list of great tunes for Christmas, featuring L’Amour by Rouge Rouge. The song rocks and will be fun to use in my playlist. So I looked up the band’s official video. I was pleasantly surprised that it was the perfect balance to the sappiness of this month’s masthead. Continue reading “Love is the Bridge Between Two Hearts”

It’s Complicated

“I try not to over think these things.”

Their’s is a relationship beyond me.  On our walks, he takes control, pushing her aside when she finds a mole or bullying her into rejoining the pack when she’s too far away.  In the house, he wouldn’t think to take away her toy, food or her bed, even if any of those belong to him. Continue reading “It’s Complicated”

Formosan Madness Hits the US


Loki, Juno, Mr. Wild Dingo and I hit Capitola this week for some walking, pizza eating and shopping. I just love taking the quadrupeds places. For one thing, it’s bred into Juno to be an explorer and nothing makes me happier than seeing my husky happy, because she has a knack for acting sullen when Scott’s around. For another, I love the second looks and stares Loki gets from people-the glances, the awes and “What KIND of dog is he?” questions. He can’t help how gorgeous he is. After all, the word “Formosa” from Latin formosus, means “beautiful.”  And he was extra sweet to the shop owners who welcomed him into their stores handing out plenty of kisses and charm making it impossible to think he was ever a naughty dog.


The thing I’m learning about Formosan dogs is that they don’t have a specific color and some of their body angulations can be different, but they all seem to share strong muscular bodies meant for agility and hunting. There’s more about this in the history lesson below. But for now, take a look at the Formosan dogs turning up in the US and writing into Wild Dingo below.

First there was good-ole Cosmo who wrote in to touch base with his Formosan home-boy Loki. Hey George, pop us an e-mail, let us know how Cosmic Cosmo is doin’!


  Continue reading “Formosan Madness Hits the US”