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Love Shy Mondays

"No! I won't look on Monday! I just won't!"

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Crime and Punishment

"Psst! Daddy-O! Now seems like a good time to get our revenge for the crimes against us this week. How about a game of Catch Me If Woo Can Zoomies with Momma? Bet that’ll learn her!”

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Brute Force Peace Keeper

This dog. This dog loves his mommy no matter what she does. Scott pulled a prank on my Lyme brain Sunday morning while wrapping presents. Since we desperately need some humor in this house, I laughed and scolded him while girlie-slapping his arm and nudging his wine-belly. Loki, being the police dog that he is, broke […]

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A Love Story

"Hello handsome! My name is Lily!" Sometimes I think Loki is oblivious to the power of his suave, striking good looks over the (insert Barry White voice) ladies.

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Red Alert

I've been known to boast about Loki and his natural talents but I never thought he'd live up to it. Maybe it's because I see potential in him that nobody else can see. He literally saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and quite possibly our lives when he alerted to a fire […]

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Better Than a Box of Chocolates

Love is the perfect pillow when you need it most.

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Love is the Bridge Between Two Hearts

Phthph!  This month's masthead is totally sappy. I don't do sappy well. I hemmed and hawed. I kicked and stammered. But Mr. Wild Dingo, who's even less sappier than me, twisted my arm and told me to run it. It's just as well. This week, I'm giving a yoga class themed on love in light […]

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It's Complicated

"I try not to over think these things." Their's is a relationship beyond me.  On our walks, he takes control, pushing her aside when she finds a mole or bullying her into rejoining the pack when she's too far away.  In the house, he wouldn't think to take away her toy, food or her bed, even if any of […]

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WTF? Where is Our Snow?

"WTF? Something is seriously wrong here."

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Formosan Madness Hits the US

Loki, Juno, Mr. Wild Dingo and I hit Capitola this week for some walking, pizza eating and shopping. I just love taking the quadrupeds places. For one thing, it's bred into Juno to be an explorer and nothing makes me happier than seeing my husky happy, because she has a knack for acting sullen when Scott's […]

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