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Ex-pat Years in Switzerland

Luck. Fortune. Fate. Call it what you want, but when the opportunity to spend a few years in Switzerland landed in our laps, we didn't say "no." I mean, we may be crazy here at Wild Dingo, but we're not exactly, crazy. It was everything you'd imagine and more. From transatlantically transporting two high-drive dogs to our foreign grocery store adventures, there wasn't a single moment of regret.

They Hate it Here

Awww... Look at this face! "Sigh." He's so depressed. It's like torture being here.

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Holy Cr*p! I'm in Switzerland, With My Dogs!

Well, we made it. We left on Thursday afternoon from SFO and arrived at our home Friday evening. The only direct flight to Switzerland from SFO is Swiss Air to Zurich. We chose direct because we didn't want a layover with the dogs, otherwise we'd have chosen to fly into Geneva which is only 40 […]

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Moving Day

 "Princess, if we're working dogs,shouldn't we help the movers load the truck?" "It depends. What are they offering to satisfy my taste buds?"

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A Bad Trip

The dogs at Wild Dingo got tanked the other day. For reals. I slipped them the 'ole mickey in their morning snack. The big move to CH is now days away and I'm busy preparing. I don't plan on narc-ing them up for the plane ride over the east pond. Airline regulations do not permit it and […]

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La Nouvelle Maison de Wild Dingo

I know. I know. I never write anymore. I never visit anymore. I could be dead or worse,  you could be dead and lying in a ditch and did I even take the time to check in with you and see how you're doing? No. I'm an ungrateful child to my Internet family. I'm so […]

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Guess Who's Home??

After 6 long weeks, Mr. Wild Dingo returned home, err... back to Casa Wild Dingo, or in Mango's terms, "The Wild Dingo Estate."  Though Mr. Wild Dingo is married to Wild Dingo, he's no longer an official resident of California or even the U.S.!  His company broke his residency for tax purposes and he's now officially a Suisse […]

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Motifs Réels

Two Monday's ago, Mr. Wild Dingo and I went to get our Visa's stamped at the consulate in the city. We were informed that they were approved and simply needed the stamp. We expected the process to take about 30 minutes, but when we got there, the Visa officer informed us that it would take 5 days […]

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