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Motifs Réels

Motifs Réels

May 30, 2010
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Two Monday's ago, Mr. Wild Dingo and I went to get our Visa's stamped at the consulate in the city. We were informed that they were approved and simply needed the stamp. We expected the process to take about 30 minutes, but when we got there, the Visa officer informed us that it would take 5 days to stamp our passports, even though all the information was collected and forms were filled out and approved. Five days. Five days to literally type up about about 150 characters on a 3" x 4" sheet of paper and glue it into our passports. Five days for all that work!  I think I'd like a job like that.

So we waited the five days and on the seventh day, they arrived. Now it's time to house hunt. Calculating the Euro-speed of task faciliation, add in holidays, that puts us about sometime in the late summer or fall for the move.

"Hey Princess, are we in Switzerland yet? I don't see any swiss mountain doggies."
"Relax Big Boy. We're not there yet. There was a delay. The messed up on my visa and I had to fix it."

Juno is nothing but honest about her motivations for moving to Switzerland.

Loki's got his own motivations as well.

"Hey Princess, those Swiss mountains don't look all that tall. Look, I can jump as high as the mountain top."
"Hmmm... I have an idea."

"Do you see any swiss cheese from that view point Big Guy?
"Nope! Nada! I can't even see past the elevators."

Well, if you can't get to Switzerland...

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18 comments on “Motifs Réels”

  1. Houndstooth - Switzerland and Germany are a little less of a "manyana" culture than other places on "the continent". 🙂

    Dingo - I'm assuming you will get a place large enough so that teammates can crash on your couch! Seriously, though, I'm super-excited to hear about your adventures over there.

  2. Hang on! They have swiss mountain chicks there? Can I come too? Loki, you are going to love it. No more putting up with that snooty sibe. Let her go yodeling in on the mountain tops you are going to wow the gals. Sure, with your American accent and all you will be so exotic.


  3. Um. Yeah. August? Good luck. Seriously. Mom lived in the Middle East as a kid, and would go to Europe a lot - everyone was on vacation in August. At least in the Middle East you could always bribe people; I don't think that goes over so well in Switzerland... Enjoy the fondue in the meantime!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Puppy

  4. Loki and Juno
    Hey who cut the cheese! ha ha... Ummm Loki's visa looks more like a mug shot. Sorry Loki! You might wanna borrow Juno's mask. Ohhh lei yoo hooo! I can't wait to hear you yoddle too!

  5. hey juno wonder if your woos will turn into yodel le he hooos! don't listen to miss khyra. no need to bring back a burned yeast mtn doggie for mango- there's enough around here! he hit the jackpot, our trainerdude breeds them (lucky for him!)

    good luck~

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