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Wild Distractions

How was your morning? Mine? I spent 87 minutes watching ants work.  What can I say? Nature captivates me so much so that it inspired me to invest in a macro lens and focus on small bits of nature. Photographing bees, butterflies and insects as if I were a street photographer, I captured little moments of joy, effort and wonder.  I turned that small world into my first book which helped me realized one of life's great lessons: nothing is too small to have an enormous impact on the world.

Guisseppe and Luca

Giuseppe the Green, turned to me abruptly. He and his cousin Luca were busy snacking on the Mexican sage and I clearly annoyed them. I always knew katydids were omnivores but it surprised me to see them chomping on the white petals none-the-less. Maybe the this time of season brings a down turn in a […]

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Jumping Jack Flash

You never forget your first photo shoot with a jumping spider. I saved Jumping Jack Flash, who's only about 4 mm and looks like a piece of lint to the naked eye, from a fatal encounter with the mighty monster Hoover. It’s not like I’m a super hero (but I won’t stop you from referring […]

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Seeing Red

Between the holiday season and the political backlash, social media is ablaze with divergent sensation. Here's my contribution. When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead, feed your head! And that's your ear worm for the day! Good song to sing to yourself in these depressing times.

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Droplets of Disillusionment

Tears. Disillusionment. I want to run away. Hide my eyes. Cover my ears. But I won't. Instead I will continue to use my free voice against hatred, bigotry, racism, illiteracy, misogyny, sexism and vulgarity, all of which America voted into office. In the mean time, pot is now legal in CA. There's always that. My bubble […]

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Purple Rain

"You'll miss the best things, if you keep your eyes shut. " ~ Dr. Seus Last Monday was IVIG day. Saturday I got gussied up and went to dinner. A rare event. I threw caution to the wind and had a glass of wine and gelato for dessert. The last hour of dinner, I felt like […]

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Dances with Hummingbirds

Each day I see Twig, the hummingbird, perched upon a fruit tree tree. Sometimes he chooses the plum tree, other times the apple tree. His feathers soaked from the down pouring rain, weather makes no difference to Twig when there's territory and precious sage nectar to defend from his rivals. I move toward him and […]

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The Original Angry Birds

"Nothing ruffles my feathers more than other hummers poaching my nectar." All summer, it's a regular Hummar War around my house. I always see photos of hundreds of hummerbirds happily sharing meals on one or two feeders all over the hummingbird forums that I read. Not at my house. Nothing but guarding and all out […]

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As The Garden Turns

Is it weird that I did a happy dance when I saw a bud on my Nasturtrium? After killing 47 of these the first time around, I'm pleased to see this group likes it here!

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Pepin, the Praying Mantis

All summer I wanted to purchase praying mantis eggs for the garden because I can't seem to get rid of the damn cucumber yellow beetles. But Mr. Wild Dingo refused. Being a bit discriminate against the mantids due to their alien looks and carnivorous habits, he claimed they would eat us.

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Charlene the Crab Spider

Charlene, the flower crab spider, sits contemplatively upon the black midnight basil plant. Normally found on goldenrod or other flowers, the flower crab spider (genus Misumena) is generally white in color but camouflages itself by secreting a liquid yellow pigment to match the flower it lives on. Crab spiders don't spin webs to catch food, […]

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