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She's Perfect

"She's perfect," said Juno's Physical Torturer, Therapist, Mme. Gauthier. She noticed Juno's walking gate was a perfect long, stress-free stride. Juno rolls her eyes. "Sibes don't come any other way lady."

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The Methodology of Shoe Tasting

Recently, I went to a wine tasting in Lausanne. Scratch that. It was a wine appreciation because they served hors d'ouvres with each wine to help understand how wine flavor can be balanced with food. I don't know much about how to taste wine or pair it with food, so it was a great experience.  Who knew […]

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A Post About Nothing

As long time readers know, this fall, I introduced the cracker and the criminal to farm animals. The Swiss love to move their animals around  to different locations for grazing so it's always a surprise to come across a herd of goats and donkeys or bulls in a place that's always been empty. "Princess, LOOK […]

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Eight Little Lessons

Living in Switzerland has been extremely educational for Mr. Wild Dingo and I.  Unfortunately, our education is not about French or German. It's not about skiing or alpine walking. It's not even about the diverse Swiss history. Our education is much more profound than all of that. On Saturday, we started out with a laundry list of small […]

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