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She's Perfect

She's Perfect

April 18, 2011
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"She's perfect," said Juno's Physical Torturer, Therapist, Mme. Gauthier. She noticed Juno's walking gate was a perfect long, stress-free stride.

Juno rolls her eyes. "Sibes don't come any other way lady."

The Dansko's are still alive. It's day 182. I made it! I had a few close calls and Juno had a few masticatory substitutes.

My prize winning? Another pair of shoes of course. I have shown that I am worthy. So the moral is: Mr. Wild Dingo loses when I lose the bet. And Mr. Wild Dingo loses when I win the betAnd Wild Dingo players always win. The two runner-ups probably ate all their Swiss chocolate by now.

Thanks for playing. And for all those who had no faith in me and bet on the Sibe: better luck next time suckhas!  But seriously, did you think I was going to make easy for her?

In other news, Juno is down to 28.3 kg. She lost a total of  1.7 kg (3.7 lbs). She's feeling fiesty. The other day, she jumped up on the bed without an invitation. She's feeling pretty good to be able to do that and be naughty enough to ignore the "no dogs on furniture without an invitation" rule.

"Daddy O, this photo shoot is lame."

"I think it's time we bust-a-move."


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16 comments on “She's Perfect”

  1. You go girl! Wowee! You are one dancing doggie. Look at you rolling about like a crazed labradork or something. Save the Dansko's for later as a treat.


  2. Perfect!?! Juno, woo go! Looking good. Bart has been getting accupuncture for a pinched nerve in his neck. He LOVES it. Hopefully he will be busing' some moves soon 🙂

  3. Of course, she's perfect - she's a sibe!!! And she knows IT!!! Not sure if we should be sorry or happy about the Danskos, but we think it was a win-win for you:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. After that teaser, we can't wait to see Juno's entry in Honey's Dancing With the Doggie Stars contest!

    We know Juno is happy to be feeling so much better and to be able to play. Just think how much Loki's life has also improved, now that Juno is willing and able to play serious bitey-face with him. Every day. A little burst of the Hallelujah Chorus would not come amiss.

    Jed & Abby

  5. Dearest Wild Dingo Woman -

    Which part of Sibe didn't woo understand?

    Khyra The SIBERIAN Husky
    PeeEssWoo: Juno! Juno!! Juno!!!

  6. "Perfect" is a breed trait, silly wild dingo Woman. And Juno - woo-hoo, swing those hips, girl! Knock him on his keester, pin him down, and chomp away!!! Ye-haw!!!

    Danskos for dessert?

    Miss Moo

  7. Wooo beautiful Juno its so good to see you doing the husky moves so well, you are looking good. I bet Loki is loving having his biteyface chaseme partner back on form again. Great to see.

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