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Moosh Starling

Moosh Starling
Customer Service Representative
Wild Dingo

Nicknames: Musashi, Moosh, Mooshed-Potatoes, Mooshu-Pork, Moosh-a-potomus

Customer Service Representative, Musashi B.B. (Big Bad) Starling, or "Moosh," was responsible for greeting guests with a wagging tail and shadowing the writer's whereabouts. He was named after a Japanese samurai warrior-ship, but his disposition proved otherwise. Unlike the CEO, he was 90 pounds of pure Labrador love.

Everything about Moosh made him perfect for being a customer service representative--except his breath!

Unlike Maggie, Moosh never liked dressing up but tolerated it for the holiday. Sadly, a long-term illness claimed Moosh in January 2003 and he is no longer with us. Although Margaret's favorite past times were ignoring or bossing the lab, she missed him most of all, as he was her ally and posse with "enemy" neighborhood dogs.

We all miss Moosh at Wild Dingo, and carry on his friendly spirit, despite the founding CEO'sĀ general disposition.

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