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Julie Starling, Writer at Wild Dingo

Julie Starling

Writer | Storyteller | Graphic Artist | Photographer | Professional Hobbyist
M.A. Health Psychology, University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT
B.A. Psychology & Dance, Saint Joseph College, West Hartford, CT
YA200 Certified Yoga Teacher, Los Gatos, CA

"I write psychobabble. Sometimes it makes you a profit. Other times it makes you a prophet." 

Words Babbled

Juno "The Criminal" Starling

Director of Quality Managment
A.B.C. Certified, K9 Clinic, Santa Cruz, CA
Therapy Dog Certified, K9 Clinic, Santa Cruz, CA
"Your project is guaranteed to meet superior Siberian standards or I will fatally masticate it. You have my "woo" on that!"
My Crimes of Mastication
Items Masticated

Loki "The Cracker" Starling

Chief of Security
A.B.C. Certified, K9 Clinic, Santa Cruz, CA
Iron Dog Certified, K9 Clinic, Santa Cruz, CA
"I keep your project safe from crows, coyotes and flies. I prefer to be paid in salmon treats and tennis balls."
My Cracked-Out Rap Sheet
Malicious Attacks Prevented
Mr. Wild Dingo

Mr. Wild Dingo

Payroll Assistant | Facilities Manager
M.B.A., Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA
B.Sc., Engineering, US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD

"I manage the facilities from tech-tools to the treat jar. I also hand out the staff's daily payroll of cookies and bones. The staff is excellent at math and let me know when I come up short."

Cookies Paid
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