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Happy Juno-versary

Last week we celebrated Juno's 3rd anniversary of adoption and her 4th birthday! We were coming home from Istanbul so we delayed celebrations until the weekend.

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He's Come A Long Way, Babies

This weekend we celebrated Loki's third anniversary with us and his 4th birthday. I'm one of those lame people that combines celebrations. Hey, when everyday is a celebration, who needs to add more, right? The three years have been a tremendous learning curve for all of us. Loki has taught me more than any other […]

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Nine years ago today we tied the knot. Who knew where we'd be going? Who knew we'd rescue these two? Who knew I'd have to buy new shoes every few months? Who knew we'd be living in here in Switzerland? None of this was planned. The best things in life never are. Happy Anniversary Mr. […]

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Happy Loki-versary

  Two years ago this weekend, Mr. Wild Dingo and I drove up to the city to adopt Loki. I still remember the mixed feelings I had when I met him. He was much bigger than I had anticipated and he wasn't even full grown. But his silly personality and his sad beginnings are what sold […]

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Happy Anniversary Loki!

It was Loki's 1 year anniversary of coming to live with us yesterday. May 31, last year, we picked him up in San Francisco and drove him home. How time flies. So much has changed from being a demon dog who wouldn't allow me to put on a collar or leash  to upgrading his label as an "alligator […]

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Seven Year Itch

Some say wool or copper is the traditional gift for a 7th year wedding anniversary. Mr. Wild Dingo prefers to make his own tradition and gave me air for our 7 years of marriage. The Ryobi Cordless Leaf Blower, makes my life a “breeze.” And sadly, I’m bit addicted to my new toy.

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