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Seven Year Itch

Seven Year Itch

October 27, 2008
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Some say wool or copper is the traditional gift for a 7th year wedding anniversary. Mr. Wild Dingo prefers to make his own tradition and gave me air for our 7 years of marriage. The Ryobi Cordless Leaf Blower, makes my life a “breeze.” And sadly, I’m bit addicted to my new toy.

Since building the doggie patio, it’s effortless to blow the dirt and wood chips off that build up from the evil-duo’s (not evil do-ers) daily shenanigans and wrestling matches. Every day, I practically wiz through cleaning up the yard just so I can whip out that leaf blower and ease back into “sweeping” my patio. And whenever one of his outdoor projects calls for some clean up, I’m Johnny-on-the-Spot…the first to offer my help with that blower. You know, because, regardless, it is work. Standing there, pointing air at leaves and dirt…its like, work. I could be sitting on the couch watching Lifetime television. But instead, I’m outside, holding a power tool. So it’s work. And it counts.

And because I’m a bit of neat freak, his gift is extra thoughtful. I thought about giving him a tube of hydrocortisone, you know for that 7 year itch. But instead, I think I’ll just give him a 1 month unlimited use of my new leaf blower for all outdoor clean up tasks. Just because I’m thoughtful that way.

Speaking of thoughtful, here is a few photos of Loki being thoughtful with Juno. Or is it the other way around? And has anyone noticed that that husky filled out a little bit? She was supposed to gain 2 or 3 more pounds, but I think she’s gone a little too far now. She went and got herself some cankles. More bitin’ areas for Loki.

Can’t get enough of your love baby.

His surrogate Juno


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6 comments on “Seven Year Itch”

  1. awwww, such sweetness between Juno and Loki. How wonderful! Did you know that leaf blowers are illegal in Denver, especially during the fall? You can purchase them, but you can't use them. Imagine watching vibrant leaves fall to the ground, and itching to use your new power tool- but the police are patrolling your neighborhood, looking for leaf blower criminals. You must hire someone who is a registered leaf blower. Seriously. It's an amazing, dog friendly town, but it's a bit on the crazy side...

  2. Mr. Wild Dingo must have thought that Mrs. Wild Dingo needed to balance hot air with turbo-charged air! 🙂 It's better than a vacuum!

    All doggies are obviously very in love! Big ahhhhhhhhh... And CONGRATS!

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