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Happy Juno-versary

Happy Juno-versary

August 26, 2011
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Last week we celebrated Juno's 3rd anniversary of adoption and her 4th birthday! We were coming home from Istanbul so we delayed celebrations until the weekend.

"Are you talking about me?"

It's been a fabulous three years with Juno. From a sullen, disinterested dog she was those first few months, she's risen to be exemplary of her breed: engaged, eager to learn and "mostly" trustworthy! She's an absolute joy to be around.

"You can't buy this type of beauty in a jar."

When I went looking for a second dog, I didn't envision a Husky. I'm not sure what I envisioned. I wanted a 40 lb dog, smart with medium to long coat. And though I prefer herding breeds, the minute I saw Juno, I knew she'd be mine. She hopped up on her back legs and pawed the air with her front paws that day and I fell hook, line and sinker.  And while she completely ignored me when I took her leash, I just couldn't help but be mesmerized by her character and beauty.

"Juno Phos!"
"Whatever Pop. I'm only in this for the bag of goods you have there."

It took her some time to build a relationship with me first. It wasn't easy even with me, it was even harder with Mr. Wild Dingo. It took many loafs of raisin toast and many of his coveted Saturday mornings, usually reserved for bike riding, to win her affections. But it was worth it. The more aloof she was, the more he was charmed. The more she rebuked him, the harder he worked to win her affections. Typical man. She must have been special to him,  because he wouldn't give up those mornings even for me!

"I won't chase donkeys or horses. But cats? They're not part of the contract."

No matter how many Dansko's she eats, how many times she raids the trash cans, how many cats she chases, or how many times she provokes Loki into misbehaving, all three of us love Juno. Exactly the way she is.


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19 comments on “Happy Juno-versary”

  1. Happy b-day! Wishing you many more and maybe a couple of cats, too. When no one is looking.

    Melinda & Phoenix

  2. Happy Third Gotcha Day, Juno - you share your special day with Khyra and her Mom. Hope you get something really special to eat today (and NOT a Dansko).

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Happy anniversary Juno. I remember the day your Mom met you, she swore she would not walk away with a Husky 😉

  4. Happy Birthday Juno! Lovely story, Julie....she is beautiful and I know just how you feel-they are worth every bit of hard work and then some.

  5. Happy Gotcha Day and Birthday to HRH Juno.
    Sending a garbage can full of Dansko's for you to enjoy.
    Aria, Mikey and their Hu-Mom

  6. Happy Gotcha Day & Birthday, lovely Juno!
    Sounds like your adoptive family do in fact appreciate you! But how could they not? You got Siberian Star Power!

    hope you find some especially tasty thing to munch on fur your celebration! (check the closets, that's where they hide the good stuff!)

    jack & moo

  7. I liked the "mostly" part. Jack is very good about letting us know when he's not happy that we've left him home alone, usually by destroying some valuable papers that we've left on the table! 🙂

  8. Happy Juno-versary! For the record, your 'test' comment posted. I assumed you were making an ironic statement about the post! 😉 Hey, um, so about Juno and her stand-offishness and how it suckered MWD. Yep. Total man. Heehee. I hope you gave the girl her own pair of Danskos (or at least made a pair challengingly available) for her as a present. I mean really, that's the very least you could do for her! 😀

    -Dr. Liz (who is still insanely jealous over the whole Istanbul thing, but had a very long discussion with my mother about the Greek penchant for turning obstreperous relatives into stew... It's amazing I'm as normal as I am! *grin*)

  9. Aww how did I miss this post?? Happy birthday and anniversary Juno!! She's a very special dog and considering how withdrawn she was it's a really good thing she ended up with you and Wild Dingo. 🙂 A lot of people wouldn't have had the patience and persistence that you guys did.

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