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Ruins, Ruins and More Ruins

When I think of Provence, I envision fields of lavender, cute cobbled-stoned villages and plenty of small homes with brightly painted shutters. Not Roman ruins. But that's all we saw. All because Mr. Wild Dingo is whack-a-doo about Roman history.  Even Juno is quite aware of his fascination for all things Roman. I'm beginning to think he only […]

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The Enchantment Continues

Now that I made you all envious, I'll share this with you: Il pleuvait tout la voyage en Provence.   Not just a light dreary drizzle that just dulls your photos with a gray sky, but a clapping thunderous downpour. Brilliant bolts of lightening lit up the chateau while we slept in the evening and winds rattled the […]

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Indulging in Provence

Provence. I know all 12 readers are waiting for a report. Although I'm pretty sure you just want to see the pictures. Do you guys actually read my posts? Because if you do, I'll try to think of something clever to write. I'm not an experienced traveler so I struggled for a week deciding on […]

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They Survived

Meet Bernard, our kennel keeper. As I drove to Bernard's to drop off the dogs on Wednesday, I had a knot in my stomach.  But it vanished as soon as I stepped out of the car to greet Bernard. Bernard's calm demeanor and soothing voice, "Ca va,"  immediately comforts me and I know my dogs are […]

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Yvoire & Les Cinq Sens

Last month, Mr. Wild Dingo and I visited Yvoire, a medieval village on Lake Leman in the Rhone-Alps region of France. I also visited it again last week for a second time. It's a mere 20-minute boat ride across the lake from the port in Nyon, shown above. 

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Ciao! Lugano!

One of the favorite places for the Swiss to getaway is Lugano, one of Ticino's most beautiful natural features. The striking thing about it is that the  lake surrounded by the mountains right on the shoreline. The hotels are literally built into the mountain in some cases and right on the lake. I had heard about it enough to put it […]

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Chateau d'Aigle: House of Vine and Wine

A few weekends ago, Mr. Wild Dingo and I visited Chateau d'Aigle, a museum of vine and wine that featured a renown collection of wine labels dating back as far as the 1800's. Unfortunately, that exhibit was closed due to relocation, but the chateau and museum did not disappoint.

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Swiss Made Art

While the TravelMarx were here we visited Bern (otherwise known as Berne) in hopes of going to the Paul Klee or Einstein museum. But it was Monday and all the museums were closed. Because of the stress of having to stay open on a Sunday (seriously, that's what the books say, it's the stress of working […]

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Moving Day

 "Princess, if we're working dogs,shouldn't we help the movers load the truck?" "It depends. What are they offering to satisfy my taste buds?"

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A Bad Trip

The dogs at Wild Dingo got tanked the other day. For reals. I slipped them the 'ole mickey in their morning snack. The big move to CH is now days away and I'm busy preparing. I don't plan on narc-ing them up for the plane ride over the east pond. Airline regulations do not permit it and […]

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