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Let's Go Crazy

This month's header is dedicated to my favorite song by Prince that I've been playing on my iPod whenever I ride the indoor bike trainer. Shortly after returning home from Istanbul, I got serious about solving my health problems. I was pretty sick this summer before my London trip in July.  Remember how I fell […]

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Lucerne Scared the Cr*p Out of My Dog

Seriously. It's true. And not the dog you think. Mr. Wild Dingo had a bright idea to take the dogs to Lucerne on one of his days off earlier this month. Since it's known to be one of the  most picturesque mountain towns in the world, I thought it would be a fabulous dog walking […]

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Lacus Lunático

Instead of our usual Sunday stroll to Morges for ice cream, Mr. Wild Dingo and I took the dogs to the Roman Ruins at Vidy this weekend. It's a short drive from our house. Then again, everything is a short drive around here. On one hand, Switzerland is an incredibly compact country on the other, […]

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Istanbul Top Ten

The Food. I didn't expect to like, let alone love, the food in Turkey. I tend to love mediterranean cooking and though there's no pasta or risotto, I couldn't help see the similarities to Italian cuisine. The olive oil, the grilled veggies and the baklava found all over Istanbul held a striking resemblance to my family holiday […]

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Just Say No

What are you looking for," asked the Turkish stranger on the street. "We're looking for the Church of Chora," we replied. "Let me show you our carpets," he said. "Why? Do you have a magic one to take us there?"

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I Have Nothing to Say, And I'm Saying It

I know what you're thinking. There's no dog in this month's masthead. But like the real Europeans they've become, Loki and Juno insisted on taking this month off from working, like everyone else. Don't worry, their regular photos will back this week. I convinced them that taking time off modeling for a masthead was like a […]

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Top Ten Observations in London

1. There are a lot of bridges in London. And none are falling down. My travel partner, TravelMarx, dragged me around this city 13 hours a day. So we walked most of them, including Tower Bridge (above),  Westminster Bridge and the footbridge to Tate Modern.  By far, Tower Bridge is the prettiest.

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Chateau Gruyères

In May Mr. Wild Dingo, a friend and I all visited Chateau Gruyères (entry to the chateau above photo) in the canton Fribourg. I expected a very long drive so I took my iphone for entertainment. About 30 minutes into the drive, I looked up and saw the beautiful rolling green hills and blue skies. "Damn! I feel […]

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Les Baux

Les Baux-de-Provence was one of my favorite visits on our trip to Provence. It was a gray day so I shot in mainly black and white and sepia-nostalgic modes of the camera. In processing the shot above (Les Baux Chateau), I played with the shadows, highlights and exposure filters. But it was originally shot in […]

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Searching for Van Gogh

While I appreciated the ruins we visited in Provence--no, really I did--I desperately wanted to take in some art, or at least the landscape that inspired the artists in this area. I love art. I especially love the work of tortured artists. Paintings, drawings and sculpture by prisioners, neurotics, psychotics or just plain loopy people fascinate […]

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