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Goodbye Mini

I sold the Mini Cooper this week. I cried like a baby. I'm not the kind of person to get attached to things. I can easily give away clothing, shoes, jewelry that I haven't worn in a year. I can even easily leave this home. But that Mini had sentimental meaning to me. For one […]

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When the Cat's Away, the Dogs Will...

... have pillow fights. "Nothing says "I missed you" like pillow entrails. I cared enough to shred the very best."

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Motifs Réels

Two Monday's ago, Mr. Wild Dingo and I went to get our Visa's stamped at the consulate in the city. We were informed that they were approved and simply needed the stamp. We expected the process to take about 30 minutes, but when we got there, the Visa officer informed us that it would take 5 days […]

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We can't find a crate tall enough for Loki's ears. Pet relocation services tell us that an airline crate should be 4" taller than your dog's head and 4" longer than his body. While that's all fine and dandy, nobody gave us details on how to find a crate for a dog with gynormous ears. It's likely we'll […]

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Planning Ahead

It's a bit early but Loki and Juno have begun to plan for the big move. "Hey Princess, since we'll be living near a lake, should I pack my float-able toys?" "Dude, we live 15 minutes from the ocean now. You've never swam in it. What do you think?"

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