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If Not Nitwit Then What?

Long time readers will remember Nitwit bridge and trail. We constructed that trail and bridge to make it easy to avoid walking a dangerous country road where people drive much too fast. It's a trail that leads up to another area of our property and out roads that have safe sidewalks for our local hikes […]

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Alone on Ohlone

"Big Boy, today it looks like we're hiking all Ohlone!" "Nonsense, Principessa! We have our chaperon!"

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Better Days

"Princess, why is Mom so darn whiny and slow? She's got a total handicap with those big wheels. Geesh." "Big boy, your guess is as good as mine. She looks totally healthy and fine to me." Lyme Disease is nothing if not deceptive and a complete mind-f*ck.

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Go Team Jodhpurs!

Team Jodhpurs (Juno and Mr. Wild Dingo) had a fantastic ride yesterday, dropping Team Cracker (Loki and I) in the dust all the way up to the top of the big climb.

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Five Easy Steps to a Dream Team

Step 1: Teach the criminal to bikejor. Step 2: Teach the cracker to bikejor. Step 3: Teach Mr. Wild Dingo to bikejor (and convince him its fun). Step 4: Tell Mr. Wild Dingo to stop reading this post. Step 5: Que up the chick flicks while Mr. Wild Dingo takes the dogs bikejoring.

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Ain't No Mountain High Enough

"Ain't no mountain high enough to keep me from woo!" It's been far too long since we last saw this view, when we did this big loop.  But through the hot summer, we've been keeping our bike rides to about 5 mile round trips, in the shade. The only thing holding her back this summer […]

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Bikejoring with Amateurs

"Swiss Cheeses! Daddy-O! You're embarrassing me." One of these dogs is doing the sled dog thing all wrong. Can you tell which one? Poor Juno. She's the only pro among the four of us. We're all amateurs compared to her.

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Searching for our Groove

This month's masthead was inspired by this song from The Boss. As much as I'd like to bare my Sylvia Plath side, Mr. Wild Dingo would be mortified if I went with my original idea theme, Paint it Black.  Hang on, Internet, you'll understand in a minute. Mr. Wild Dingo's nick name while in the […]

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Bikejoring Adventures

I went to a wedding  this weekend that had bicyclists as 90% of the guest list.  "What is this Bikejoring thing you're doing," asked a friend of mine who'd seen me post a few photos on Facebook. If you told me 10 years ago I'd hook up dogs to my mountain bike to pull me, […]

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Rock Bottom Never Looked So Good

I don't know why everyone is so pessimistic about rock bottom. From where I'm standing, it looks pretty good!

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