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Just Outside Our Door

One of the hardest things about living here is deciding where to walk each day. I know I mentioned it before but there are literally hundreds of trails and different directions I can take just outside my house.It's not like hour home in California, there were probably a half a dozen walks at best and […]

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Last Tour of Santa Cruz

I'm a bit obsessed lately with soaking up the coastline.  There's something about living near a coastline that feels free. You'd think I'd have spent all my free time at the beach, but like a lot of us in Silicon Valley, I took it for granted. I guess it takes moving to a country without […]

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Lifeguard on Duty

"Hey Daddy-O, how much you think this job pays?" "Princess, there isn't a big enough, juicy enough bone in the world to make me do this job."

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Lighthouse Lovers

After surfing the waves, Loki and Juno chill out at the beaches' namesake, it's Lighthouse. "Hey Princess, check out that chick behind me staring at us. We must be celebrities, no?"

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Welcome Home Big Daddy!

After three long weeks, Mr. Wild Dingo returned home. Both dogs were ecstatic. Even Juno showered him with kisses and wiggles, though she usually saves them only for me. So yesterday we went on a family walk to the tree farm so we could show Big Daddy how well behaved these two could be off-leash. […]

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Making Friends

It's Tree Farm week at Wild Dingo. At the Tree Farm, we run into many friendly peeps and their dogs on the trail. "Come on slackers! I don't have all day! There are squirrels to chase and things to smell!"

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NitWit Rapids

It's been raining cats and dogs here in Northern California. Loki, Juno and I barely sneak out for an hour in between storms on our walks to the tree farm or school. NitWit Bridge has class 4 rapids running below it. Well, class 4 for a squirrel I guess since the river is a bit […]

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Search Day at the Tree Farm

Wednesday was Search Training day at Wild Dingo! We invited a bunch of friends over to take turns hiding and braved the ticks while we hid ourselves for a single dog and handler to conduct a search. Overall, it was a really fun and successful training experience. Each dog got two or three searches (that's plenty when you realize […]

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