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Five Easy Steps to a Dream Team

Five Easy Steps to a Dream Team

September 30, 2013
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Step 1: Teach the criminal to bikejor.

Step 2: Teach the cracker to bikejor.

Step 3: Teach Mr. Wild Dingo to bikejor (and convince him its fun).

Step 4: Tell Mr. Wild Dingo to stop reading this post.

Step 5: Que up the chick flicks while Mr. Wild Dingo takes the dogs bikejoring.

I've always had a secret wish to have the four of us ride together. But Mr. Wild Dingo is a bit crabby about his cycling. He likes a good hard workout, so he doesn't like sharing his workout time with others who can't keep up. Not to mention, he's also a bit anxious about being a potential hazard to other cyclists with dogs along on a trail ride.  But I have to hand it to him. He surprised me more than the cracker when it came to learning something new and was very compromising about sharing his workout time.

All summer long we found a nice way to balance a nice slow easy pace for the dogs and I at the beginning of our ride, going as far as we could. When Juno or I had enough, he would unhook Juno from his bike and I could ride both dogs back to the car while he could enjoy a good workout and ride home from the forest, meeting us at home. So it all worked out.

We mix up our rides, a little off-leash and a little hooked up on leash. Juno is always very proud to trot in front of him or next to him. Mr. Wild Dingo learned how to handle a dog with a bike both off leash or hooked up to his bike. In fact, he took to bikejoring pretty well.  Needless to say, he caught on to my "shut your pie hole and just ride" rule of thumb really fast and noticed how much better the dogs did when we were quiet.

Hell may have to freeze over before I see Step 5 ever happen, but I'm pretty happy about making it this far with them!  Mr. Wild Dingo and Juno are the perfect Dream Team on all our rides. Go Team Jodhpurs!

Here's a little peak at Juno and Mr. Wild Dingo on our rides.

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