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Wild Dingo Stinks to High Heaven

Wild Dingo Stinks to High Heaven

April 4, 2002
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Monsieur Le Pew

Monsieur Le Pew

Los Gatos , CA — Wild Dingo Communications' CEO, Margaret J. Starling, today elevated an age-old heated relationship with Monsieur P. Le Pew to new heights today by charging after him as he wandered by the Wild Dingo premises. Le Pew denied any instigation on his part and simply defended himself with a “drive-by” spraying. He then hurried off leaving his scent behind as evidence.

“I don't want his kind around this office,” says Starling, foaming at the mouth and reeking from Le Pew's attack. “This is Wild Dingo territory and under no circumstances should Le Pew be allowed within 50 feet. I will work 24/7 to keep his kind off the premises.”

Meanwhile, Wild Dingo employees are not exactly enthusiastic about their CEO's latest actions and strife is brewing among them. Customer service representative Musashi Starling has been lobbying for access to the internal offices and a low level account executive has barred entry to any employee involved in the incident, regardless of management position.


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  1. A unique starting story...
    My human loved your story and the way we started your site!

    We came across your site from honey's blog and will put an eye on you... actually we are going to spend some time now going over your stories and we can already see we will have a lot of fun!

    Ciao Lucille

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