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Wild Dingo Loses Bid for Chicken-Herding Services

Wild Dingo Loses Bid for Chicken-Herding Services

August 10, 2003
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Chelsea Chicken. “I was not born yesterday,” claims Chelsea Chicken, “I will not be accepting herding services from Wild Dingo.”Los Gatos, CA—During an employee offsite today, Wild Dingo CEO, Margaret J. Starling, spontaneously made a bid to provide herding services to a local chicken farmer. Upon passing the neighbor chicken home, Starling immediately noticed chickens casually strolling—uncontained—away from the hen house. Being a leader of few words, she quickly went to work, demonstrating her skills in herding chickens. “Free ranging chickens endanger themselves and encourage undesirable visitors. I simply saw an opportunity to demonstrate my excellent services in guiding them to a safe area and hoped it would lead to an amicable business relationship," said Starling.*

Less than pleased with the surprise demonstration, chicken leader, Chelsea Chicken remarked, “While we appreciate Starling's concern for our safety, I cannot help but believe that her intentions are less than 'amicable.' I've been around the hen house long enough to know that Starling is a loose cannon and cannot be trusted. Therefore, we are turning down her bid for chicken-herding services.”

Disappointed in the loss, Maggie Starling consoled herself with a chicken stew dinner.

* No chickens were harmed in the making of this demonstration. The views of the Wild Dingo CEO are not necessarily the views of all Wild Dingo employees.

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One comment on “Wild Dingo Loses Bid for Chicken-Herding Services”

  1. Hilarious! Love Maggie's forthright, go-get-em attitude. It's just a shame Chelsea Chicken wasn't up for Maggie's services.

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