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Margaret's Sunday's of Discontent

Margaret's Sunday's of Discontent

October 7, 2007
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For the past 3 years, Wild Dingo’s beloved CEO, has been battling liver cancer. But before you feel sad about it, realize that we were told three years ago that we had at best 6-months with her. And she’s still with us today, living most of the last three-years very well, with good quality days. We attribute a lot of these last three years to changing her diet to organic food that is non-processed and contains no bone meal or by-products. We also give her milk thistle to enhance the liver and the Chinese herb, wormwood, that’s been attributed to slowing the reproduction of cancer cells.

Over the summer, Maggie had trouble walking. Given that she is part German Shepherd, we were convinced it was hip dysplasia. Her “dogtor” told us that she couldn’t take pain killers simply because her liver couldn’t process them but she informed us that they had a certified veterinarian acupuncturist on staff, and had found really good results in pain management and hip dysplasia. At this point, I only wanted to make her comfortable, so I agreed. The dogtor/acupuncturist recommended x-rays to really determine where her pain was, and I was really glad we did it. The x-rays showed that the liver inflammation was the true cause of her difficulty with walking and in fact, our dogtor said she’d never seen such good hips in a dog of Maggie’s age (14). Since the x-rays really helped diagnose her symptoms, the acupuncturist was able to adjust treatment specifically focused on the liver. I only expected this treatment to help ease the discomfort but to my surprise, Maggie began walking again and requesting to go for her long walks.

Although Maggie officially disdains the indignity of being made into a pin cushion every Sunday, even she cannot ignore how good she feels following her treatments. And for now, she’ll continue to be subjected to such undignified treatment, as long there are a few slices of lunch meat in it for her.


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4 comments on “Margaret's Sunday's of Discontent”

  1. hi dingo...so glad you're feeling better. i've
    never said this before, but you have really
    beautiful eyes. I hope that's not too forward.


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