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Miles Away from the Behaved

Miles Away from the Behaved

August 3, 2009
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Loki & Juno holiday annually on the Isle of the Ill-Behaved

This month's masthead celebrates a year's worth of obedience lessons that has resulted in common passerby claiming, "they're such good dogs," or, "they're really obedient" and my favorite, "they're so well-behaved!" If they only knew.

It wasn't too long ago I couldn't take Loki downtown without him whacking out at every person, dog, bike or stroller. It was never a pretty site. I got plenty of looks. Some of pity. Some of annoyance. Some of amusment. And some of approval: other dog owners happy to see someone who had the patience to work with such a lunatic.  Though Juno didn't have any of the outward naughty behavior Loki had, she had plenty of naughtiness when one wasn't looking. She's a husky. It's expected. I know better now.

So we celebrate their one year of working obligations and doing their duty just like bi-peds do: with a cold beer, in a remote location where one can be as naughty as desired --and nobody would be the wiser. Sigh. I have to admit, in the grand scheme of things, they aren't all that bad. Most people are impressed with all that these two can do when I ask them to do it. But then again, I see all their goofs and gafs in public. Sure, they don't bark at anyone or jump up on kids or other dogs. But my expectations are set high, even for the husky. I'm evil that way. At least I'm the kind of boss that can give them a day off so they can forget their obligations and kick back with a cold drink on a sunny day.


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4 comments on “Miles Away from the Behaved”

  1. Oh, hey. Is the Isle of the Ill-Behaved in the Kansas Ocean? I might get to walk there tomorrow morning, so I'll have to look for you guys! Ha roo roo roo! Or is it in the Land of Confusion? Ha roo roo roo!
    Play bows and save me a beer!

  2. Beautiful dogs! And a perfect combination! German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies are my two favorite breeds!!! I grew up with GSDs and I have an eight year Sibe now. I can't wait to peruse your archives on my day off.

  3. Thanks for commenting on Storm's blog. I really need to teach her how to offer behaviors. I started out training her the traditional way so she sometimes has trouble changing her frame of mind. I would like to teach her new stuff though. I'll work on trying to get a video of her tricks. She's kind of sloppy, but energetic and pretty.

    What do you not like about clickers? Is it because they're clumsy? That's the problem I usually have. Also I never have one when I need one for capturing a new behavior.

    I've taught my other dog Jackal jackaltraining.blogspot.com the "where's my dog" trick. I use the cue word peek-a-boo, but I like yours better. I wonder if it would confuse him to change it now . . . I got Jackal last year and I've been clicker training him since the day he came home so he knows a lot more than Storm.

    LOL! Storm acts like a total sissy around people so there is nothing intimidating at all about her wolf-like appearance. 🙂

    You know what's crazy! I actually taught Storm to bow before I knew anything about marker training, but using that method. She would always get really excited when I asked if she wanted to go out. One day I noticed standing at the door while waiting for her to calm down she almost always bowed on her own!! So when she bowed I just started flinging the door open (that was her reward). I think that's why she still loves this one. As she's gotten older she won't sink as deep in the hips, but she still has a cute bow.

    Thanks again for checking out Storm's blog. Hope it was at least mildly interesting. I'll start back in your archives later tonight or tomorrow. I'm interested to learn more about your pups.

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