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Friday Fivers

Friday Fivers

July 31, 2009
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Remember that Go Orange Photoshoot Wild Dingo participated in a few months ago?  Well, shockingly we did not win or even make the final five. But then again, though they were rescued, they weren't rescued from an SPCA.

For now, I resurrected some of the shots that didn't make the cut for the shoot. Friday Fivers is inspired by Nigel Buggers, who has assured Wild Dingo he is does not make his living sitting in a basement eating pot brownies. Be sure to wear Depends if you read his blog. You wouldn't want any unnecessary accidents at the office.

Enjoy. And have a woooo-nderful woooo-eekend (for you woo-in' sibe followers).


"What? We didn't win that orange contest? And I thought dogs were color blind."


 Hey interloper up there, having a good laugh? Why don't you come down here and let me give you something to laugh about?


"Hey dollface, those shades are hip to the tip. Ya, right."
"Can it big boy. Or I'll cancel your Christmas."


Are you amused? Good. Our work here is done. Pass the hot dogs.


"I totally wish Nigel Bugger's dude was my human. There's no way he'd make me wear ridiculous orange glasses."


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4 comments on “Friday Fivers”

  1. Woo! I love all the orange. It looks good on both of you.
    My biped mom is color blind, but I am not. I work in her Studio with her as her Guide Dog for the Color Blind. We make a good team.
    And I've gotta say... Zim and I would probably be willing to do cool poses in a cool convertible like that, but Ammy would get sad and Stormy would throw in with the Thundering Herd and want to rip it all up. No way she'd put up with that!
    Dave, GDFTCB

  2. Wait-- are those leather seats? I learned the hard way that leather doggy toenails. I'm TOTALLY IMPRESSED!
    Of course, we know the event was rigged. Loki & Juno should have won!

  3. LOL!!

    Careful what you wish for pooches - orange shades are a fair trade for the photoshop indignities that our dogs are subjected to.

    That said, I really, fully appreciate any post that goes topless. 😉

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