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Bonding with Blue Tape

Bonding with Blue Tape

August 4, 2009
Posted in: Dogs | Reading Time: 2 minutes

dsc01959-small1It's a well-known fact that Juno and Mr. Wild Dingo's relationship hasn't been easy. According to Juno, Mr. Wild Dingo is potentially a bane of Sibe’s everywhere, and on a mission specifically to steal her gumdrop nose. At the first sign of Mr. Wild Dingo, she’s often seen retreating into a fortress of solitude: any two-wall corner from where she can launch her low growl moans of disapproval as the intruder approaches.

But lately, things have been improving. Mr. Wild Dingo has taken steps to build a working relationship with Juno weekly at school. Below, as Mr. Wild Dingo repairs some holes that "mysteriously" appeared in the dog tree house netting (hmm... that's another story), Juno voluntarily lends Mr. Wild Dingo a paw with his repairs and demonstrates how blue tape can bond more than just the unraveling ends of the twine used to mend the netting.


"Hey Pop, I had nothin' to do with those holes. I'm thinkin' the squirrels did it. Loki growled something about super-heated acorns...pop the ends and they apparently reach signifcant velocities. Something about friction induced heating when rubbed on their deliciously fuzzy bellies. I'm not sayin' I trust Formosan dog's physics, but I did hear a high pitched "Fire in the Hole!" the other morning from the dog yard. I'm just sayin.' "


 "You need some blue tape up there? Let me get that for ya. (Hey, I just winked like Palin. I crack myself up.)"


"Hmmm... it tastes pretty good. You probably don't need it just yet. Come to think of it, ol' Palin looks like she's downed more than one roll of blue tape. That stuff tragically goes straight to the thighs."


"You know, that's lookin' a whole lot like a bridge to nowhere. I'll just stay here and 'imrove' it a little bit -- activate its adhesive powers."


 "No Sir. Not ready yet. Needs more activating."


 "What's that? You really need it?"



"Ok. I'm on it. But I'd move a lot faster up this cat walk if I had $150,000 worth of pretty collars."


"Here you go. Although it is hard to part with such a delicacy. How do you manage to be around this much blue tape and not eat it?"


 "Let me know when you're done."


"Cuz baby, the blue really goes with my bedroom eyes...yeahhhhh.  Actually, it goes much better with my tri-tip eyes."

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4 comments on “Bonding with Blue Tape”

  1. Way to go, Juno. You got to like him a little - he built - and is maintaining - a pretty cool tree house for you. We don't have anything like that. Ok, if we did, the ropes would have been frayed on day one and we would play push each other off the top platform and . . . Oh, maybe there is a reason we don't have one.

  2. Get in line OP Pack! Every dog wants a piece of Mr. Wild Dingo's construction skillz! We are getting a growing # of requests...LOL!

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