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Monday Morning Workout

Monday Morning Workout

August 24, 2009
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A few short months after Juno came to live with us, she put on a few pounds that made her a little more than, ahem, voluptuous. With good dieting, and a change to raw food, she's shed 6 lbs and has that last stubborn 2 - 3 lbs to go. (hmm...maybe I should go raw too.)  Juno's given up on my sorry "too busy" excuses for not taking her on runs or long hikes, so she's taking matters into her own paws.  Watch out Jane Fonda. Juno-sthentics is going to turn the fitness world upside down!


To warm up, Juno does a little yoga. "Sun Salutation A, reach the paws up and over the head."


Side body stretch into Bikram's half moon pose.


"Wax on. Wax off."


Juno's workout is interrupted when Loki blows in on the scene.  "Hey cupcake, you wanna piece of this action?"


"Brother,  you'd better tune me in and get my signal right. 'Cuz your biters don't give me the chills."


Buns-of-Steel Showdown
Jello Jodphurs no more! Juno's digs deep into her thighs to hold off her foe.


"Better not blow your jets bro."


Pooped after their workout.
"Admit it big boy. You're as dead as a five cent beer."
"Sister, that's a bundle of first-class baloney straight off the ice."

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7 comments on “Monday Morning Workout”

  1. Hey, Juno! I like doing stretchies and finding my inner Zen of Zim before a wild aerobics workout, too! I hope Loki appreciates you putting him through the paces - you're quite the work-out guru!
    Play bows,

  2. That's great! I, unfortunately, have the opposite problem with Storm. It's impossible to keep weight on her. She stands twenty three inches, but only weighs thirty nine pounds. She's very lean and light boned. Guess she comes from racing lines. Keep up the great work. You'll be fit and trim in no time.

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