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If You Can't Beat 'Em...

If You Can't Beat 'Em...

August 26, 2009
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img_4512No, I'm not refering to the skillet. Wild Dingo is still a strong advocate for training with skillets, rolling pins or waffle irons.  This post is about a different kind of "beat 'em."

If you're a Wild Dingo blog follower, ya'll know by now that Juno's relationship with Mr. Wild Dingo isn't, well, ideal. So Mr. Wild Dingo made the ultimate sacrafice to give up his weekend morning bike rides with his pals in order to spend time at school with Juno. And it's been paying off-- for the most part. Like anyone in "training" Juno takes several steps forward and a few steps back.

A few weeks ago, one of the trainers pointed out how well Juno was working for Scott in off-leash agility and noted that "Scott had a strong bond with Juno." Um, come again?  That morning Juno had growled and barked at Scott as he put on her leash. Some "bond!" I think we've learned by now that Juno bonds nicely with raisin toast or hot dogs.

Juno and Scott demonstrate off-leash work all the time for the other dogs and handlers in class. Of all the ironies! At home, she rebukes his requests and instead huffs, groans, growls or runs. Yet at school, she happily prances, yes, prances, with a wagging tail, next to Scott. One moment the trainer tells the audience that Sibes are "wild" dogs, that they aren't meant for this level of obedience or training. The next moment, the trainer calls on him and Juno to demo all sorts of stuff.  He must be mildly impressed at the bond they have on the field.

Me? Not so impressed. I know Juno's not as sweet as she plays. She is well aware of being in a fenced area and makes the easy choice. Since there's no way out, Juno adopts the motto: If you can't beat 'em ... do the trick and get the hot dog."


 "Hmmm...no human attached to my leash. Should I 86 this joint or go to Pop who will give me a hot dog?"
These are types of difficult decisions the husky wrestles with in the throughs of her agility work out.


"Oh hey, a nice view up here. And only a few yards from the fence line. Should I jump the fence and bust out of school or go to Pop with the hot dogs?"


"Well, I am still hungry. And he isn't exactly a cheapscape with those hot dogs. Hot dogs win."


"Hey Pop, this plank is lame. Give me a real challenge. Open that gate over there and see how fast and long I can run."


"Hey Mom, can you do me a favor and make sure he hasn't run out of hot dogs? In this economy, I want to make sure my hot dog bank won't go belly up!"


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8 comments on “If You Can't Beat 'Em...”

  1. Chuckling. We think you have the Siberian mind - and stomach - pretty well nailed.

    Natasha, by the way, can be very ornery on many, many, many, many things. But she will suddenly become the most responsive, snuggly dog you have ever seen. For a minute and when it is to her advantage.


  2. Brings back fond memories of obedience training classes with Dakota. Our trainer - a GSD lover - always called Dakota a wannabe shepherd with her big pointy puppy ears and her sleek coat. She was convinced before class had even begun that Dakota would fail. Hrrmph - thought Dakota - I'll show her and excelled at everything, even long distance recalls. You just never know with a sibe.

    Kudos to the Wild Dingo man for his patience with Juno.

    woos, the OP Pack

  3. Contrary to everything that Khyra and the Herd have told me, I kept hearing rumors that there were Sibes that actually obey commands. Didn't believe it until you actually had pics. Or is Juno just wearing a Sibe suit?


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