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Wild Dingo Welcoming Committee

Wild Dingo Welcoming Committee

September 24, 2009
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Mr. Wild Dingo came home from a five-day bidness trip. The staff at Wild Dingo were overjoyed. Even the husky greeted him with kisses and wags: a rare treat for Mr. Wild Dingo.


"Pop. I'm so happy you're home. Mom made us go on a diet and that totally sucked."


Negotiations begin between the leaders of The World Raisin Toast Organization.


A deal begins to be struck as a constituant from Fromosa waits in the background.
"I will provide daily access to bites of Raisin Toast while you provide general sweetness, tricks and kisses."


 The deal sounds shady to the husky.
"Terms are accepted. Under the condition that sweetness, tricks and kisses are limited and ..."


"... the gumbdrop nose is not on the table for further negotiations."


"Pop, I'm so happy you're home. Maybe we could get a decent meal."
Ya, cuz you both look like you're starving.


 "I'll just wait right here with my squeeky ball while Pop unpacks."


Gumdrop nose still in tact. Juno contemplates when Raisin Toast trades will be again.


"Hey Princess, I'm gonna be very polite about this. Stay away from the ball."
"Dude, I have bigger fish to fry and Raisin Toast to eat."


"The ball...it's not yours. I'm just sayin..."


"Ya whatever Retardo. The ball? Not that interesting to me."


"Sigh. Now do you people understand why I'm so sullen? Just look at what I have to put up with."

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5 comments on “Wild Dingo Welcoming Committee”

  1. TD is very good at giving the Momster kisses; if you get one from Phantom, he REALLY likes you. Dad isn't big on puppy slurpies. BUT he is the raisin toast eater here and Phantom will also do anything for a taste. We do pull the raisins out before he gets his tidbit.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  2. Wooos! I love to give Husky kisses too! Dad does not like puppy kisses either, but I give them to him anyway.I have never had raisin toast, is it any good?
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

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