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Juno Belle Jodhpurs Exposed!

Juno Belle Jodhpurs Exposed!

November 19, 2009
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The puperazzi struck again! Somepup's got to pay for the medical expenses this pretty gal has accumulated! She may as well work for it.


PUPDATE: This morning Juno wouldn't let me take her temperature. I guess things are improving. Though she gave me a scare last night with some panting, she drank some ice water and went to bed. When I did get around to testing her temperature today, it was 100.3, down from yesterday's 101.5 and 101.2. Day before that was 102.1 and 101.9. So it seems to be dropping. Yesterday, though she could barely walk, she was confident enough to steal Loki's tug. And she doesn't like tugs. Just to remind him who's boss. She's full of piss-n-vinegar though and chased Loki until she wiped out because she's not strong enough. Gosh, if the doc found out I accidentally let her run, I'd be reported or she'd be pup-napped. I can tell she's getting stronger but she's still very weak in the legs. I remember she walked like that a lot, long before she got ill, and I have to wonder if she was pre-disposed to weakness in this area or if it really can still be autoimmune arthritis, which really would strike when the dog gets ill in the first place.  Blood and joint cultures are still negative on bacterial growth but we still have until Sunday before we confirm a final result. Why she's responding to antibiotics without finding the infection is scary and curious.


 Well, look who the cat dragged into the kitchen! We haven't seen a husky in the kitchen whilst preparing dinner in far too long!


I approach and her propeller winds up. "Hi mom! I'm so happy to see you!"


"Must concentrate on propeller motor speed."


"OK, propeller is up to speed. You may approach me with that tri-tip now."


 Loki plays indifferent but he's secretly happy to have his partner in crime back!

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26 comments on “Juno Belle Jodhpurs Exposed!”

  1. Must

    PeeEssWoo: My damp pantyloons are SOOOOOO happy woo are returning to SBM (Siberian Behaviour Mode)

  2. Oh My Doggs, I can not stop laughing! Juno makes a perfect play-pup centerfold! You go, girrrrl! Show them what ya got! I can't wait to see your pole exercises, in future editions...(and the poodle excuses? classic)

  3. Wooos Juno! You shameless hussy! Or was that puparazzi stalking woo? Imust make sure Scampi does not get his paws on PlayPup, I don't need him getting any ideas...
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  4. Where can we get a copy of PlayPup - we just have to have it!!! Glad to hear she has some spirit coming to life, but we wish you had some answers too. We would love to see that propeller in action in a video - hint, hint.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  5. I want to subscribe to the magazine! 😉 It looks great!

    I'm glad Juno is getting her spunk back. What is the treatment option if you don't find bacteria? Will they diagnose auto immune then? How do you care for an auto immune dog? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just curious.

    Oh and I call Storm's tail a helicopter tail because it goes in circles instead of side to side. 😀 Gotta love them huskies!

  6. Just keep that anal probe away from me, right? You are getting better, Juno, that's what counts. I am so relieved.

    I want a copy of that magazine, or at least just the centerfold.


  7. so happy to see her fever dropping a bit! i hope you get the test results soon and get this mystery illness solved. she is so very cute and i love the propeller tail!

  8. Now THAT's what I'm talking 'bout! Fever almost gone and now on the cover of PlayPup?? Life don't get much better n that does it Juno!


  9. Marley is Sis's pup but Sis's just lives down the street so Marley is here quite a bit. Mom said if they need to go anywhere to bring her down. Mom doesn't like her having to stay in her kennel while they are away. (she is like our Pest, can't be trusted unsupervised) This week mom has off all week so Marley is going to stay with us while Sis is at work. We will be some very tired pups..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  10. Just found your blog, and I'm LOVING the Playpup picture! I actually made a graphic of a "PlayDog" magazine for a friend on a great dane forum, and this reminds me of it. I'll try to find it and send it to you. Hilarious!
    I'm taking some time tonight to explore your site. I also like your header graphic with the sleigh.

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