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Pardon me...

Pardon me...

November 23, 2009
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"...but...do you have any Grey Poupon?"

Loki sure knows how to pull out the handsome when he wants to.

Another friend of mine has two dogs like mine, a full German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky Mix (tho I have the reverse of hers, a German Shepherd Mix and the full Siberian Husky). Anyway, the running joke between us was that our Sibes were like supermodels, very pretty to look at but not very good for much in the "working sense."

In our case, things are starting to reverse themselves. Juno's becoming the fabulous little working dog, and Loki, well, lets just say, it's a darn good thing he's got good looks working for him.

Loki got tested for working in search. He passed but not exactly with flying colors. He uses his visual senses more than his nose. But his drive is high and he can be trained to use his nose. I did the test on Juno at home. I saw her blow right past me in my hiding place and not see me, but her nose caught my scent instantly and she did a 180 degree turn and came right to me.  Don't tell Loki. He'll be so pissed!

Juno Pupdate: Juno remains the mysterious Sibe.  No bacteria was found in the cultures, but she was already on antibiotics and the tests could be a false negative.  Her temp is normal and she continues to improve. However she's still very stiff in the joints. Autoimmune arthritis is not ruled out and is still on the table, however, the doctor is reluctant to treat for it in the case that this is bacterial (because steroids can be fatal for a bacterial infection). So for several months she will be on antibiotics and we'll continue to watch her. If she gets a fever again, we can safely call it autoimmune arthritis and treat for it using steroids.

Here are some photos from her second day home. Do not tell my doctor. I'd be in so much trouble for letting this happen!


"Hey big boy, mom says you have to stay down, but can you resist THIS?"


"Oh ho hum. Nothin' to see here mom. We're not playing or rough-housing. Promise."


"She's gone. Now where were we?"

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20 comments on “Pardon me...”

  1. I swear, Loki is like the Tyrone Power of dogs. He is one handsome boy!

    Glad to hear that Juno is doing better. It'd be nice to know what is ailing her, but at least she's beating whatever it it.

    Linda of Bo

  2. Very good crossed paws and superior gaze, Loki. I still have you beat in the FMD posturing, but you're not too bad. Shame on tormenting your recovering sister, though! I respect the sneakiness, but it's not a fair fight (yet)...

  3. So, woo've been studying my blog fur paw placement pointers?

    PeeEssWoo: My pantyloons are ALL fluffed up with the news of the JBJ health report!

  4. My momma is always telling me its a good thing that I am so handsome. What do you think she means by that?


    P.S. Whatever keeps Juno in action. Need to shake those stiff joints.

  5. Oh, what a hunk of handsome, Loki!!! Great pics too. We are happy to see Juno with some energy and play bows. Hope the antibiotics do the trick. We sure would love to see her joints be better too.

    woos, the OP Pack

  6. you are such a hunk and i'm glad Juno is better.

    TQ for your concern, i do not have diabetes and was tested to check for glucose in my peemail. thankfully i'm fine but mumster was instructed NOT to give me anymore sugar - yes, that silly hooman did feed me brown sugar (just a pinch) occasionally, thinking it will give moi a shiny coat!

    i just need to supervise her more carefully bol....

    chikisses and eat some turkey for me since we don't celebrate here, thanks

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