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Puzzling Jodhpurs

Puzzling Jodhpurs

November 15, 2009
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"My biggest medical problem seems to be the human attached to my left side. Doctors, please remove this human tumor and send me home."

Mr. Wild Dingo, Loki and I visited Juno Belle Jodhpurs on Saturday. Her temperature was down to 101-102-ish and she seemed alert.  I showed up first and took her for a walk and then Mr. Wild Dingo showed up. She actually wagged at him, as if she liked him or something. I left Loki in the car and we got to spend some quality time with her alone before we invited the beast in to see her. Loki cried the entire time while Juno, the strong little warrior she is, looked at him pathetically and said "Quit your whining wussy boy. You're not the one in agony, hooked up to tubes and shaved like some patchwork quilt."  She ate about 47 lamb jerkeys and a little boiled chicken.

The double whammy of two broad spectrum antibiotics seemed to be working as her temperature was down. Her joint fluids from the tap results showed mild, but non-remarkable inflamation. There they go again, dosing out those negative adjectives describing my remarkable Sibe. Silly doctors!  Her spinal tap results weren't in yet but the doctor offered us to visit with her on Sunday.


Pop, don't even THINK about making me work for that treat!

Today, I got up bright and early, stuffed a kong full of treats and headed over. I got to take her out of her kennel and on a walk, where she practically pulled me onto the highway, claiming that she could go the speed limit with no problems.

The doctor told me that she noticed earlier a huge limp in her back right leg. I also noticed that when she got sick, she couldn't really lay on her right side without panting. The Wednesday night before she went to VMS, she was panting non-stop and laying on her right side. I physically picked her up and scooted her to the left and she went to sleep peacefully. Today during her visit, she got on the sofa and I noticed she laid on her right side and within 15 minutes she was panting heavily. I snuggled with her a long time and  when we got up, she put no weight on the back right leg. The doctor said she would tap that leg for fluid today and check. She said it felt inflamed.

So far we know that with the double dose of antibiotics and fluids her temperature has come down. Her other taps (joint and spinal) show mild inflammation but nothing significant. Now she's showing a huge limp in the back leg. It all makes me wonder if she had a virus, turned infection, that also made her body respond with auto-immune in the joints. Auto-immune disease is hard to diagnose because it shows up when you get sick (after the immune system kicks in and then it attacks the good cells in the body) and there's no real pattern. We'll know more tomorrow when we tap that back right leg and I speak with both doctors. For now, Juno Jodhpurs continues to be an unsolved mystery. But at least she's resting comfortably and in good hands.


Oh heavens. The gumdrop nose is turning pink. The dogtor thinks this is a sign of something is up.


"Mom, they are taking my coat apart, piece by piece. Do not let them near my jodhpurs or my gumdrop nose."


"Finally, something other than hospital food! Though you can't be serious and make me actually work for it, right?"


This shot is for Khyra. Power of the Floof!


"I'm withering away here. I'm already down 54 lbs. There's not much more of my beauty I can lose here. Bring me the bloody mary tri-tip!"


Puparazzi Headlines read: "Juno Belle Jodhpurs Caught with her Tongue Down"

Juno's not actively licking here. She fell asleep with her tongue out and resting on her paw. And now its on the Internet. Oh the shame!


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20 comments on “Puzzling Jodhpurs”

  1. I got a shoutout here!

    OH MY!

    I've made it to Wild Dingo!

    I bet that headline will sell MILLIONS...

    Maybe it khan help khover your expenses!

    Power of the Pantyloons!

    PeeEssWoo: I'm still khrossing mine fur woo!

  2. It's good to see Juno with some of that spark back in her eyes. Here's hoping that the nightmare will soon be over and that Juno will be home to torment Loki in her mischievous ways in no time!

    Linda of Bo

  3. It is wonderful to hear that there is some improvement. Bet she loved getting outside for that walk. Hoping tomorrow brings more good news and an answer to all the questions.

    woos, the OP Pack

  4. JUNO! Do NOT let them shave your pantyloons! And if they do, please send me the floof. Hehehe. Seriously, what is going on there? I am so glad you had a happy visit, but now on top of everything else you have that human growing out the side of your head.

    Have a nice night tonight. Sleep well and prepare yourself for more tests. Eeesh!


  5. Woo - all of this torture and then your human posts embarrassing pictures of your tongue hanging out? Do they have no shame? Sink a few thousand dollars into a dog and they think you owe them something?

    Get well soon, kiddo, and get back to giving everyone grief. It is what a Sibe is meant to do.

  6. hello juno its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes i no how hard it can be to git a hyooman surdjikly remoovd frum a dog tucker in partiklar suffers frum this problem in wich he is attachd to mamas lap and cannot be dislodjd!!! ok bye

  7. YEAH the fever is coming down. I bet Dennis the Vizsla could figure out the diagnosis.. you know he never gives up.

    I like your fall asleep with the tongue out shot. What would be embarrassing is your human with picture like that.. you look cute.

  8. Wooos! Miss Juno, I see the puparazzi has been at it again, and with woo in the hospital, no less.. the shame! I am certain that the pictures must be in payment for those expensive vets, because Mom says I am the most expensive dog in history, hence the photos.... I hope woo do not catch up financially to me, Mom will have to get another job.....
    Mom says that she does not train for a living, it is just a volunteer job, which means no kibble or meds for me from that, they train a lot of canine assistance doggies... she makes christmas ornaments.
    Feel better soon! Sending healing sibe vibes and prayers your way!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  9. At least her temperature is down and maybe you're getting some ideas. This must be really frustrating! Mom says maybe it's at least not as embarrassing as my visit to the vet this weekend where I was diagnosed with Tail Sprain.


  10. Juno.. we don't know each other very well yet.. but I can say that you can't remove human tumors. They always grow back.

    By the way, what does your name mean? I like it. My name doesn't mean much.. the rescue named me and I kept it. It fit.

    Hope your fever is down.

  11. She'll forgive you for the pic, given all that you have done for her. I am sorry you don't have an answer - there is nothing harder than the unknown, and I hope that Juno knows how many of us are pulling for her!

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