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How to Drive Your Dog Crazy, With No Effort

How to Drive Your Dog Crazy, With No Effort

January 18, 2010
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For Christmas I bought a Chase It toy from Planet Blue Dog for the two to share. Talk about minimal effort to exercise your dog. This thing is like crack to them. Especially if you have a cracker insane dog like Loki. These are a few photos from a day after Christmas playing with the toy.  Um, Darwin, take note: this is how you're supposed to play with the Chase It!

First we played with Juno, because she's not good at waiting her turn. Don't tell her Physical Torturer. This is not sanctioned exercise for doggies with hip dysplasia!

"Hi Mom. Whatchya got there?"

And now for an educational diagram for the players and tools involved in torturing your dog.

The torturer,conductor, throws the prey item and playfully pulls it along inviting the doggie to chase it. At the last minute, the torturer, conductor, snatches the prey item up in the air just out of the doggies reach.

The torturerconductor lets the doggie live another day by letting the doggie win so the  torturerconductor can enjoy many more days of doggie-crazy-making.

When Juno's been tortured enough by the squirrel on meth, we invite Loki, who's been watching us and giving us the "I'm so tortured" look for not letting him play.

As you can see, Loki tortures himself enough by just looking at the little bugger on the string.

And the games begin.

"Holy crap, I didn't know that thing can fly!"

"I guess bucking my apple bottom won't work."

"This little bugger is getting on my nerves!"


"That's right. I'm bad."

"Who's your daddy now cracker squirrel?"

Unfortunately for cracker doggies like Loki, it can turn into a game of tug.

Be prepared with a tasty morsel to make him give back the toy so you can continue to torture for as long as desired.
"Hmmm...tastey chicken liver or dead squirrel? Is this a trick question?"

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19 comments on “How to Drive Your Dog Crazy, With No Effort”

  1. This toy looks fantastic! I wonder if my sissy, Linguini would be willing to get her bottom off her bed to play with something like that. In any case, I'll see if Momma will get it for us. Worst case scenario, I'll go fishing in our back yard with it (we're having a flood).
    Glad Loki and Juno had so much fun 🙂

  2. Juno and Loki, I'm not sure about this, butt I think my dad does stuff like that to bass and trout. I'm just sayin'.

  3. So not something my pantyloons would do...

    Have woo khonsidered turning this around with one of The WD Woman's shoes?


  4. Oh my God, that 1st picture of Loki! My human thinks it looks like something from a documentary on Animal Planet!!! 😀

    That looks like awesome fun! My human played a similar game with me once using an old bedsheet all scrunched up long and thin, with a knot at one end...I LOVED IT and became all cracker dog too! 😆

    Honey the Great Dane

  5. You would think this would be the perfect form of torture for any 35 lb dog who can take down a full grown deer, a couple of 'coons and a handful of squirrels, right? Hah. Sugar will have NOTHING to do with the chaser. I've tried everything. She stares at me, the string, and the "prey." Sits, lays down, crosses her paws and looks away with complete disgust and scorn. Last night she FARTED at the chaser, then walked down the stairs. I swear, I think I need to dump Bambi bait on the stuffed critter, to see if I can get her interested. She even treats "play time" with the bite sleeve with more respect. Maybe I can borrow Loki for an afternoon? He seems to have the right idea! Of course, once Sugar sees Loki having fun, she'll probably join in-- just to show him who's the boss...

  6. Woooo, now that looks like something that would last...oh, say...one whole play session! Maybe mom can buy them by the gross.

    a-roos to yous,
    jack a-roo

    GO LOKI!

  7. Natasha says she would not fall for that. Nope. The boys - sure, they are easy. They fall for anything. Kiska - well, there is that prey drive thing. And Cheesewhiz - of course, she loves to chase. But not the queen.

    P.S. - Hu-dad is laughing at how quickly she would move from a look of disdain into SO chasing it. Nothing gets away from the Queen. She even caught a small bird in midflight one day because it was flying around the run and was disturbing her sleep. She watched it for a long time, then suddenly sprang into the air, snatched it, crushed it, and spit it out - and went back to sleep.

  8. Wooos! I think if I caught it I would shred it! That toy needs some serious de-stuffing so it can not torture woo again!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  9. That thing looks neat! I think I would enjoy it for a little while, but I might be able to drive the Chocolate Lab next door crazy with it! 🙂


  10. Mom thinks that looks like something that would be fun to play with us, but she is too afraid to spend money on more toys when we are so unpredictable about which ones we will play with.


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