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January 7, 2010
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"I will not use the nearby Siberian as a head rest."


"I will not dog the Formosan dog while he's minding his own business."

"WTF? I was sleeping! You wanna piece of me and my toofs?"
"Um, oops, I was just joking! Sorry Mr. Man."


"I will attend SNBA (Siberian Neck-Biting-aholics Anonymous). I can quit anytime. Really."


"I will attend SSWFDA (Starting Shit With Formosan Dogs Anonymous). I can quit too. But I'll need a 13 step program. Because I'll probably ignore the first 12 steps."


"I will kiss and make up."


"I will look innocent when Mom asks us who started it."


"I will try to find my inner-woo."

First off: I have not forgotten the custom made jodhpurs for our runner ups in the Wild Dingo Big News contest. Both Mack and the Bougalou Bear (Hubbles) have sent me their sizes and I will fit them hopefully next week and post them for readers to admire.

Next: Thank you all for your comments on Wild Dingo's 2009 Mastheads. It was fun to re-post them and look back at why these art statements mean so much and get your feedback on why you liked your favorites. Many readers picked January and October. I have to admit, January was one of my favorites too. That was taken when Juno was still new in our house and Loki was still trying very hard to keep his position as boss. She tolerated him using her as a pillow and its sad to say, but we rarey see this anymore. I'm so glad we documented it and have a memory for life.

Some of my other favorites are March (Please Leash Your Alligator) because I had never heard the term "alligator on  a leash" and was just tickled to hear our trainer refer to Loki as such. I mean, he was really a bad-ass! Today, not so much. Mostly he just talks back, which is a whole lot of fun to hear in class and people love to laugh at him, err, me for having such a juvenille delinquent. But I'm so proud of how far he's come. He's getting so confident. Just the other day downtown a man with a small dog was admiring Loki and said to us "He looks tough." I asked if he wanted to meet him and when he agreed, Loki wagged and went right up to him and licked his hand. Then he wagged at the small dog and play bowed him. Ya, um, he looks tough.  Which is another reason why I love the April Banner (In the Dog Yard No One Can Hear You Scream). In that photo shoot, Loki had his meanest face on and Juno, just relaxed as can be, just seems to enjoy his dramatics.

But my favorite- favorites came later in the year. August's banner (Miles Away from the Behaved) really did celebrate their obedience and that shot was really on a beach among 30 other dogs, some running around while they just stayed where I put them. In reality, they are really well-behaved. I see their gaff and goofs and think they are not well-behaved, but to the dozens of people on the beach with dogs who don't practice obedience, Loki and Juno are stars.

I love October's banner (Rhymes with "Woo") because Juno doesn't "woo" and Loki does "woo." Shortly after meeting that man downtown, the man accidentally set off his car alarm and Loki woo'd right along with it for about a minute. Juno looked at me and him, completely confused. Another man came out of a restaurant to meet the woo-er. He was impressed with his singing.

But I think my favorite of all is September's Banner (Engineered for NitWits). Only one person liked this one too. I like it because other than the silly stuff around it, this is a real photo, untouched. The dogs were not photoshopped on our trippy-trap bridge. We were practicing sit-stays on the bridge and as usual, Juno did her own thing and got up from her sit without me releasing her and happily came to me wagging like "aww, look how cute I am, you don't really want me to sit there, do you?" It just says so much about their individuality. Loki's the obedient soldier and  Juno's the "trespass and ask for forgiveness later"  dog. In addition, NitWit Bridge is a daily part of our lives and it was fun to document it in an artistic way.

Thanks for reading this year. It's been fun getting to know you. My resolution: to write more and read more!

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18 comments on “Reso-woo-tions”

  1. Most excellent fierce toofers photos. You are two bitey face champs. No reason to give that up. Embrace your inner bitey face.


  2. Oh my gorsh. I thought there was gonna be a smackdown!!

    Paris is the queen of looking innocent when she knows she started some mess. She has that "Who me?" look down pat!

  3. Wooos! I love the innocent look and getting in touch with your inner woo! I loved all of your banners and could not choose a favorite, I think woo have a great thing going, keep it up!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  4. I think JBJ and I need to do Inner-Woo Khamp !

    I wonder if The Herd would have us?

    Pawsonally, I like the innocent pikh the best - I wonder why!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: Purple ROKHKS!

  5. Bitey face is so fun!

    I love the innocent looks! 🙂

    Do you think Loki could teach Juno to woo? I taught the pup next door to woo to the sirens with me! 🙂


  6. I wondered about the pred too because he also has ehrlichia, but the vet said it was such a low dose that it wouldn't cause a response in the immune system. To be on the safe side I'm going to call one of the girls I used to work with at the vet's office and ask her. It's for the inflammation because his ears were so bad. I'll let you know how the raw diet goes. 🙂

  7. TD and Phantom play bitey neck a lot, with Phantom's neck usually the target:) All the pics are just great, but our favorite is the headrest one. The two boys here never get close enough at rest time for that ever to be an option.

    Tail wags, Phantom and Thunder

  8. Gosh! I frequently post photos of my sister and me playing tug-o-face, but we're tiny. Your pictures are intimidating. Glad that I'm home safe at the moment. What big teeth you have!

  9. Oh my.. those toofers r furious! I'm not backing down grrr ggrrr I'm coming over! I think you should submit your photos to MangoMinster and let him select the category... although you most represent cracker and insane. ..
    HuH? Oh.. I saw your question to tula.. my cuz.. she's on anti anxiety meds in addition to her ruffians trainings, massage and buddy walks with me. Tula has some issues with other dogs and we r working to meeting each other and becoming a pack. It's a slow process but alot of progress has been made!

  10. I like the order you used to present the whole scenario. Those innocent faces are priceless! Such TOTAL innocence! Loki & Juno, woo have mastered it well!

    a-roos to yous,
    jack a-roo

    PS - we're furry glad to have been introduced to your blog - such great stories & creative art & photos - really fun!

  11. I think wild insane cracker dog for sure. Sorry, but only one photo / entry per pup. Outfits are OK as long as it is for real and not photoshop. Good luck.


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