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Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

January 4, 2010
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I was too sick to party on New Years this year, but apparently, somepup wasn't! What can I say? My dogs lead a much more glamorous life than I do.


Sleeping Beauty catches up on her much needed rest after a four-day party weekend.


"Hey, what's the big idea turning on the light? This can't be good anti-aging practice."


"Wake me up when it's Friday. It's date night. And pull down my mask. My eye cream needs to soak in."


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18 comments on “Sleeping Beauty”

  1. Oh Juno!

    Don't woo know our kind don't need those fancy things!

    We are natural beaWOOties!

    Pawesome kholour BTW!


  2. Pleasant dreams, gorgeous! (Look at those beawootiful eyes!)

    a-roos to yous,
    jack a-roo

    PS - Loki, my comments are fur the beawootiful Juno, just in case woo had any doubt.

  3. No glamour here either your purple heinous. WE stayed in as well. You know what they say... let sleeping dogs ahem- princesses lie. But I don't think u need "beauty sleep".

  4. Oh Juno, you look very sleepy - rough pawtying, eh? Hope both you and Julie are doing better now. Anytime you want to come play in the snow with us, just head on over.

    Tail wags, Phantom and Thunder

    Pee Ess, you are right, Phantom is top dog now that Dakota is gone. TD has a great sense of his place, always has, and he loves his brother:)

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