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One-Eighth - Divided by 2 - His Size

One-Eighth - Divided by 2 - His Size

February 17, 2010
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"Whatchya got there Daddy-O?"

"Looks like I got my pressie for my placing at Mango Minster cupcake!"

"Hey mom, do me a solid and open this thing!"

"Cool! It's a calendar with a hot little doggie named Twinkie."
"Typical. You get a pressie for being insane, and I get nothing for being a good sport."

"Wow. Twinkie's quite the looker!"

"But there's something very familiar about her..."

"I just can not put my nose on what it is that is so familiar about her!"

"She's one-eighth (divided by 2) my size!"

"Breathtaking! I shall call her ... Mini Me."

Thank you Twinkie! We love our calendar!

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19 comments on “One-Eighth - Divided by 2 - His Size”

  1. You two have a lot in common for sure. Both insane cracker dogs. What an appropriate prize for you.

    I think those good sport dogs like Juno are supposed to "work for praise." As if.


  2. Loki just be careful what you say TO and About Twinkie. Have you every seen her Main Man Gunther??? I'm just sayin'.
    I do admit that the Ear action is pretty much the same. Congratulations. I know you will look at Twink's calendar and be marking off the days until it is nearly time for Mango Minster again!!

  3. Wooos! I think there just may be something in common.....cracker dogs... sigh...
    ~puppy kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  4. I've never been called "hot" before. I was really moved, and then you had to go and call me "mini-me"? Somebody else may have gotten offended, but I'm honored. I can see the similarity too. Loki, we're related! I knew I had some gorgeous relatives, otherwise I couldn't explain my cuteness.
    See ya later cuz

  5. I got your comment. Wow, I would never have guessed. So Juno is the real alpha. Interesting. And she didn't mind you got the calendar, Loki? Hmm, I guess the answer to that is that an Alpha does not have to demonstrate it. Very interesting. As for you giving me the heads up on your post...thank you! I haven't missed a post since I got Google reader set up properly.
    mwah and thanks for the explanations and the lovely post about my ears BOL

  6. Mini me!!!! That's great! And, the photos had me giggling. Your ears are so similar to Twinkie's!

    Speaking of dog weights, a very long time ago, I weighed about 70 lbs more than I do now (due to very strong drugs that I was forced to take but had the terrible side effect of rapid weight gain). Do you realize that me being that heavy was equal to carrying you (or one of my dogs) around with me all day long? Can you imagine? I can't.

  7. So if Twinkie is just a little version of you, maybe you should change your name to Sheet Cake or something. You know, like a big version of a Twinkie? Lame, I know.


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