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How Working Dogs Call in Sick

How Working Dogs Call in Sick

February 12, 2010
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"Hi Mom. Whatchya want?"
"Hey Daddy-O. Looks like Mom's fixin' to ask us to do some work."

"Princess, hard work never killed anybody."
"True, but why take the risk?"

"Besides, it's cold outside. Why don't we just ignore the 'ole lady and make ourselves cozy?"
"Surgar-nose, you're making me blush!"

"Come on tip-top daddy! Let's have our own little party right here."
"Lady,  you're more fun than a hot transfusion. I think we could swing, if I knew the music."

"Big Boy, if this doesn't turn  you on, you ain't go no switches."
"Principessa, as long as I have you there is just one other thing I'll always need:  tremendous self control."

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22 comments on “How Working Dogs Call in Sick”

  1. Holy Cat Crap... this borders on Dawgie Porn!!! Well, why the heck not... It is Valentine's Weekend. Follow your hearts. I'm just sayin'. Happy Valentine's Day to both of you and to your two leggers. LUV!!!

  2. Can I join the doggie pile? Please?
    I promise to behave. Maybe. Depends. It's those ears on Loki- just too primal for words. Do you think Juno will share? Huh?
    (who is hiding from my workaholic crazy lady)

  3. @ sugar and DK: oh my dawg, i didn't even notice the ears! I guess i've grown so used to having an alien for a doggie...

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