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Every Cracker Deserves the Finest Cheese

If you told me 10 years ago, I would adopt a lunatic dog from Taiwan with a serious case of crackery-nosis, maybe I would believe you. But if you told me I would be journaling his ridiculous behavior on the Web and writing in his ridiculous tough-guy Raymond Chandler voice, I'd laugh and ask you who […]

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Spring Training

Since her weigh-in on January 28, Juno lost 2.2 lbs. She was 30kg (66 lbs) and is now down to 29 kg (63.8 lbs), but that's still too high. She needs to lose 2 more kg (4 lbs).  When researching raw-feeding, I read that a 60 lb dog will roughly need about 500 grams of food per day. […]

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Breaking the Mastication Fast

So yesterday I was getting ready to write a post to mock all the Dansko Pool Players, calling them "amateurs,"  because who did they think I was? A new Siberian owner? Then Mr. Wild Dingo and I came home from our anniversary dinner to this: Wait, it's my yoga block. And it's in the foyer. Hmm. […]

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Dansko Betting Pool

Alert readers will note a new feature in the right side bar: The Dansko Betting Pool. The Betting Pool is now open to take bets on the number of days my Dansko shoes survive.  The house (me) bets that shoes will last for 180 days or more. If they don't make it to that fateful day, […]

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Better Late than Never

We've been remiss at Wild Dingo to thank Mango for his generosity in Mango Minster. You see, about 87,000 months ago (to quote Frankie), Loki and Juno received a presie in the mail for their award winnings. We didn't actually expect any award presies, so it was a pleasant surprise.  Naturally, we took many photos […]

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One-Eighth - Divided by 2 - His Size

"Whatchya got there Daddy-O?"

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Loki Thanks the Readers of Mango Minster

I've been holding off telling Loki of the good news about his Readers Choice win at Mango Minster, because, well, we just fixed our ceilings from the last time he went cracker insane on us and it was nice to enjoy flat ceilings with no holes in them. But I couldn't wait any longer so […]

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Juno Thanks the Readers of Mango Minster

Juno Belle Jodhpurs took the Readers Choice award for Good Sport category at Mango Minster yesterday. The starlet refused interviews with The Bark, Modern Dog and Dog Fancy and instead gave her first inteview to Wild Dingo. WD: Congratulations on your win of the Reader's Choice for Good Sport Dogs category at Mango Minster Juno Belle! JBJ: Thank […]

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Mango Minster Entry #2: Loki J. Starling & Bonus Entry

Since Juno's alpha doggie around here, Loki had to wait his turn to compile his entry for Mango Minster . He's been patient (ha!) so lets get right to it. Naturally first we thought of the Herding category since he is half German Shepherd, but the only photo we could find was this:   But lets face it. Loki […]

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Mango Minster Entry #1: Juno-Belle-Jodhpurs

Juno has been bugging me for weeks to get her entry into Mango Minster, but we've been so busy doing other things like, preparing to move, producing custom jodhpurs,  making New Year Resowootions, doing Siberian Pilates and cleaning off muddy dogs. And we've been wrestling with which category to enter her in. The first category […]

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