Spring Training

Since her weigh-in on January 28, Juno lost 2.2 lbs. She was 30kg (66 lbs) and is now down to 29 kg (63.8 lbs), but that’s still too high. She needs to lose 2 more kg (4 lbs).  When researching raw-feeding, I read that a 60 lb dog will roughly need about 500 grams of food per day. Obviously that is way too much for a dog like Juno. It was a huge eye-opener to discover that even when feeding raw, every dog is different and burns calories differently. So  for now she’s on a pretty restricted diet of about 300-350 grams per day.

“I’m so famished, I don’t know if I can make it. This looks like a good place to find a few extra calories.” Continue reading “Spring Training”

Breaking the Mastication Fast

So yesterday I was getting ready to write a post to mock all the Dansko Pool Players, calling them “amateurs,”  because who did they think I was? A new Siberian owner? Then Mr. Wild Dingo and I came home from our anniversary dinner to this:

Wait, it’s my yoga block. And it’s in the foyer. Hmm.  I don’t remember leaving it there. In fact, this is where it should be: Continue reading “Breaking the Mastication Fast”

Dansko Betting Pool

Alert readers will note a new feature in the right side bar: The Dansko Betting Pool. The Betting Pool is now open to take bets on the number of days my Dansko shoes survive.  The house (me) bets that shoes will last for 180 days or more. If they don’t make it to that fateful day, then the person with the number closest to the day that the shoes bite the dust will win the bet. The winner will receive a package of the finest Swiss chocolate I can find. And let Mr. Wild Dingo tell you that I’m quite the connoisseur of chocolate. It won’t be cheap and it won’t be lacking in variety or quantity.

 “You’d be a fool not to bet against the house!”

To Play: Continue reading “Dansko Betting Pool”

Better Late than Never

We’ve been remiss at Wild Dingo to thank Mango for his generosity in Mango Minster. You see, about 87,000 months ago (to quote Frankie), Loki and Juno received a presie in the mail for their award winnings. We didn’t actually expect any award presies, so it was a pleasant surprise.  Naturally, we took many photos during the mail opening and, well, my easily-overwhelmed brain sometimes cannot make photo decisions so quickly. Hence, we’re thanking Mango 87,000 months later.

“Hmmm…a presie from the RH. I can smell his easily-swayed-by-jodhpurs-slobbery-self all over this parcel!” Continue reading “Better Late than Never”

Loki Thanks the Readers of Mango Minster

I’ve been holding off telling Loki of the good news about his Readers Choice win at Mango Minster, because, well, we just fixed our ceilings from the last time he went cracker insane on us and it was nice to enjoy flat ceilings with no holes in them. But I couldn’t wait any longer so here I am telling him the news below.

Loki, I have some news:

“Ut oh cupcake. This sounds serious.”
“Retardo, I can get us, err, me, out of anything with my cute and wiggly ways.”

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Vote for Sugar Sweet!

Loki’s been at me all day to get this post out in a jiffy for his fellow Formosan Mountain dog, Sugar Sweet. She entered the ring for Hard Working GIRL dog at Mango Minster and she needs your vote!

Loki, Juno and I have known Sugar for a while now and met on the Internet when Sugar’s mom, Crazy Lady, commented on this post because we shared the same breed of dog: a Formosan Mountain Dog. Loki and Sugar had similar temperaments thus, Sugar’s mom, Crazy Lady and I commiserated. But over the last two years, the two of us prevailed and have watched each other’s dogs grow into wonderful…cough, cough… wonderful, well-behaved canine citizens. Continue reading “Vote for Sugar Sweet!”

Juno Thanks the Readers of Mango Minster

Juno Belle Jodhpurs took the Readers Choice award for Good Sport category at Mango Minster yesterday. The starlet refused interviews with The Bark, Modern Dog and Dog Fancy and instead gave her first inteview to Wild Dingo.

WD: Congratulations on your win of the Reader’s Choice for Good Sport Dogs category at Mango Minster Juno Belle!
JBJ: Thank you. Thank you very much. I’d like to thank The Mango for hosting this wonderful contest and the sponsors for offering up wonderful prizes. I’d also like to thank my whipping boy, Loki J. Starling, for making it so easy to be a “good sport” around a cracker insane dog like himself. I’d like to thank all the Readers who supported me. And I’d also like to thank Sugar Sweet a huge supporter and “get out the vote” promoter to the show. Without Sugar Sweet, many would have never known of my challenging lifestyle that has made me the “good sport” I am today. 

Sugar will be showing in the Hard Working Dogs at Mango Minster and we can’t wait to see her entry! Continue reading “Juno Thanks the Readers of Mango Minster”

Mango Minster Entry #2: Loki J. Starling & Bonus Entry

Since Juno’s alpha doggie around here, Loki had to wait his turn to compile his entry for Mango Minster . He’s been patient (ha!) so lets get right to it.

Naturally first we thought of the Herding category since he is half German Shepherd, but the only photo we could find was this:


But lets face it. Loki would take one look at a sheep and run in the opposite direction. So herding was out. Continue reading “Mango Minster Entry #2: Loki J. Starling & Bonus Entry”

Mango Minster Entry #1: Juno-Belle-Jodhpurs

Juno has been bugging me for weeks to get her entry into Mango Minster, but we’ve been so busy doing other things like, preparing to move, producing custom jodhpurs,  making New Year Resowootions, doing Siberian Pilates and cleaning off muddy dogs. And we’ve been wrestling with which category to enter her in.

The first category we thought of was the Non-Sporty category. I think woo all know that Juno can be a, um, bad doggie. The photos speak for themselves I think.


Continue reading “Mango Minster Entry #1: Juno-Belle-Jodhpurs”

Jodhpurs for BT’s & Hope

It was a pure coincidence that 2 BT’s were runner ups in the Wild Dingo Big News contest. And since Dozer and Dotti haven’t sent me a photo of their derriere for their jodhpur fittings, I had to go ahead and ship the custom made jodhpurs for Hubbles (who’s alias is Bougalou Bear) and Mack of Mack’s Mess. Wild Dingo is truly sorry for the delay in the fittings and shipping. Holidays, canine specialty activities (search and physical therapy) and clients (hmph!) took priority.

Here’s what Isabelle, Hubble’s Maman wrote recently of her delicious pressie: Continue reading “Jodhpurs for BT’s & Hope”

Wild Dingo’s BIG NEWS

And we have a winner. And some runner-ups because there were so many that made me giggle. First the news. Drum Roll please …

Wild Dingo is relocating from Northern California to Luasanne, Switzerland. I know. Insane. I can’t even freaking believe it myself. To answer the obvious: YES we can bring our dogs, with no quarantine.  That was the fist thing we thought about before we even considered the move.


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Saving Juno’s Jodhpurs

On Tuesday, Juno went for her first physical therapy session for building up muscle in her back legs. Of all the horrors, it involved walking on a treadmill– underwater! And unlike many dogs who do this the first time, Juno picked it up quickly and walked almost immediately, without cheating. Afterwards, she went for a round of accupucture. Her most painful areas are in the back top of the hips where the muscles are super tight and sore. The accupuncture helps the muscles relax and release soreness so she can get back to a better, stronger range of motion. And this is how us humans plan to save Juno’s Jodhpurs.

Loki and Juno have a different idea about saving her jodhpurs and include clue(s) #3 in the Wild Dingo Big News Contest.


“This PT thing doesn’t seem too bad. ” Continue reading “Saving Juno’s Jodhpurs”

Masticatory Party

This time Internet, it was Mr. Wild Dingo’s fault. He left the shoes defenseless against the perp. Two of them are his shoes. She collects them outside the mudroom for inspection of masticability. She prefers leather and animal made shoes and has avoided destroying the synthetic stuff. Nothing but the real deal for my masticator!


“Ya, um, Pop? These shoes are not exactly masticalicious.” Continue reading “Masticatory Party”