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Warehouse Workers

Warehouse Workers

February 21, 2010
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Two weeks ago, Loki and Juno went to a warehouse training class with our training clinic. During the week, they vary the locations at beaches, warehouses, empty retail stores and even dog parks to reinforce the mantra, "obedience, anytime, anyplace." I love training my dogs because it builds a very close relationship to them. After a certain amount of time, the connection moves from the leash to a partnership. I'm fascinated with some specific dog sports that involve a tremendous amount of trust and partnering between the dog and the handler. Below are some photos from the warehouse training. These dogs have been exposed to so many things. They've even both ridden a forklift and have walked through freezer. Shockingly, Juno didn't want to come out of the freezer.

People wonder why Loki and Juno have such good down-stays. This is why. I left them in another isle and I walked away from them out of sight.

Louie, the little chi-wow-wow, is Loki's school girlfriend. She's also in his search class and kicks butt in search. They have a real cute bond between each other.

Here's a dobbie who's "yahooing." She blew off her handler and is running amok. Notice all the downed dogs are interested but not moving out of their downs. They all have a lot more time invested in training than the dobbie and know better than to get up.  Lots of times the stress is so high for a dog in school they just burst and they go into avoidance through play.
Of course, this has never happened to Loki or Juno (snicker, snicker, NOT!).

Later everyone recalls their dog one at a time. Little Louie leaves her boy, 'cuz momma is calling. Notice Loki and Juno haven't moved though almost all the dogs have recalled. What you can't see is me holding a skillet making all kinds of threats to them.

"Cupcake, do you think working us like this after hours in a warehouse is conducive with labor laws?"
"Muzzle it Big Boy, I think I smell macaroni and cheese in isle 7."

In addition to the awesome training we're doing at K-9 Clinic, I've started Loki with a secondary trainer for Schutzhund ring sport. I've had four or five trainers tell me he should do the sport as he has the drive for it. There are days I think he does and then there are days I think he doesn't. I'm actually not sure how well he and I will do in the sport. I think he'd do well if he had an excellent handler, but I'm so new and make so many mistakes. One thing is for certain. He's an excellent dog to learn how train a dog. He learns fast and is very forgiving of my handling mistakes.

Juno is quite unusual for a Siberian. She practically demands that I train her as well and in the same tasks as Loki. You should see her sulk when I'm working him.  I think it would be funny if I could train a Siberian to do all the same tasks Loki can do in Schutzhund. I think she could probably do most of  tasks, but not all as some obviously require specific natural drives that her breed doesn't have.

I've also been training Loki's structured retreive, which I may add, is super hard. It's not like throwing a ball and having the dog get it. It's about having the dog understand that you want him to get a specific non-toy object, sometimes something they don't enjoy having in their mouths, and bring it to you. I'll have a video of it this week. Juno's picked up the game as well, which completely shocked me.

Below is a video of Loki and Juno being trained on some basic heeling work and target touching. The video below is 10 minutes long. Note, I train two dogs at the same time. One stays in a down-stay, while the other works. Believe me, this wasn't an intentional trainng method. I had to learn to train this way or my house would be destroyed by a certain Siberian waiting her turn.

Enjoy how funny the "sibe" in Juno comes out in the end! If nothing, she's certainly an entertainer!

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17 comments on “Warehouse Workers”

  1. Real world training classes rock. It is always good to get together with other like minded people and doggies. I bet that dobie figured out his mistake when he saw all the other doggies just staying still. Juno in the freezer. Hehehe. Must have thought she was in heaven.


    P.S. Thanks for nothing! My momma is being very mean to me and she says it is partly because of your mom. I am very confused by her new attitude.

  2. Woooos! I see that woo Mom has figured out that contrary to popular opinion that woo can train a Sibe! I love going to school and working and I am actually quite good, but for some reason Mum never trains me off leash outside, For some reason there is a trust issue..... Mum says that doggie school is the best thing that she has ever done, but alas I am getting too old, and Scampi is too wild.....Schutzhund is something we have never tried.But we know lots of doggies and their Mums and Dads which do. It is hard work! Mum thought she would never get me to retrieve a dumbbell, but now I do it all of the time!
    Have fun!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  3. They both look great in their training! I should try the down stay and see if we can work it in with Bunny and Blueberry. They always want to practice at the same time, too!

  4. LOKI!!! I thought you were my pal! Sob! But I found the emails your mom has been sending mine. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! I want to be cracker dog! Maybe we can break out together.


  5. @mango: sorry dude, cracker isn't in your gene pool like suds isn't in Loki's! LOL... I will continue to feed your momma evil emails! booowhahaaha! and unless you behave, there will be no JODHPUR shots for WOO~

  6. hello loki and juno its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow yoo got to go shopping!!! is that costco??? can i giv yoo a list for nekst time??? it is verry cool that yore mama wurks with yoo like that!!! ok bye

  7. Wow you should be sooooo proud of them! Such good pups. I'm so excited that you're pursuing Schutzhund with Loki! I can't wait to see more about that. 🙂 I'll have to watch the video later because I don't have much time right now and I'm trying to read as many blogs as possible. I just can't get caught up. 🙂

  8. Just watched the video and it's great. It was cool seeing how one of your training sessions go. 🙂 Makes me want to get back into training my dogs. I don't know why I can't seem to get back into it. 🙂

  9. Sagira is the first dog we have trained, we have learned from our mistakes and will never have an untrained dog again. Makes life so much easier. 🙂

  10. OOOH! I AM SO JEAlOUS!!!!!!!! I would KILL to be in your training class! Such a WONDERFUL idea - training in "real world" places. Our trainer back in Auckland used to do that with his classes but it's hard to find them - most seem to be stuck with the "obedience club grounds/training school" philosophy. I make up for it by taking Honey myself to different places during our daily walks and doing out training there but it would be nice to do it in a class atmosphere with other dogs - I just love the social aspect of classes!

    And you're so right - the way to have a bomb-proof stay is to keep practising in different places and going out of sight, having distractions run around, etc.

    I just loved this post - so many wonderful things about it! And I also just LOVE the fact that you keep proving all those people wrong - the ones who keep going on about Sibes not being trainable and making breed excuses...AHEM! Total rubbish! Sure, there are certain activities that certain breeds are better at but all breeds can be trained in basic obedience - it's just down to their humans taking the time and effort. I actually think that owner of "difficult" breeds have an easier way of wriggling out of doing training because they just quickly blame the breed and use that as an excuse not to do anything or not to expect much from their dog! Juno is just a wonderful ambassador for the breed - and a great credit to you as a trainer. I once interviewed a professional trainer who said that almost anyone can train a high drive, working type dog - the dog is practically doing half of it himself for you - but it takes real skill to train a "difficult breed" so you should be really proud of what you've achieved!! 😀

    Right - off to watch your video now...


  11. Just finished the video - great to see a training session! And great way to train BOTH dogs at the same time, coz this way you get your Stay practice in with minimal effort!

    Of course, Juno (and Loki) loves training - getting your undivided attention, lots of praise & pats & treats, plus having a "fun game" to play (which is what all training exercises should be for dogs) - which dog wouldn't love that??!!

    I think they both Heel beautifully. We have trouble with left turns too - well, not the one where you turn into the dog (we call this an About Turn, as opposed to a U-turn) - that one is quite easy but the other kind, where you turn left on the spot and the dog has to swing his hindquarters round towards you is much harder, especially for bigger dogs. It's basically a form of pivoting and I found that Honey got much better at it after we practised a lot of pivoting (initially standing on a raised box/book) so that she got better rear end awareness.

    You may find Heeling easier if you walk a bit faster - it helps set a rhythm. And then vary your speed, so that you're running, followed by really slow walking, interspersed with normal walking (and of course turns) to keep it interesting for the dog and also really test them! 😀

    Hey - you know that exercise where you send Loki over the jump is actually an advanced Obedience exercise? I think it's in the CDX or UD or something and it's called "directed jumping" I think...pretty impressive!

    Keep up the great work!!


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