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February 24, 2010
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Juno gave me another heart attack this week. Yesterday I let her play zoomies with Loki in the outer yard while I changed clothes to take them for a walk. They zoomied for quite a while and then happily went for a walk. When we got back from our walk, they both plopped in my office for a nap before dinner. When I got up to make them dinner, Juno started to kick her back leg out and cried. She wouldn't put any weight on it and constantly ran away from me, something she never does. I panicked. Thankfully Doctor Hilary called me back and convinced me to stop panicking, that she probably strained or pulled a muscle and it was cramping.  She suggested to dope her up with the narcotic Tramadol that I still had on hand from her mysterious illness in November until the next morning when I can take her in for acupucture.

You see, I'd love to give Juno an anti-inflamatory like Rimadyl or Metacam, but I can't. I can't take the chance that what she had last November wasn't an autoimmune response to that very type of drug. So the only thing I could give her was a narcotic. And if you've ever had been given narcotics to treat intense pain, you know narcotics don't make it go away, they just make you not care about it. I was heartbroken not to be able to reduce her pain, but at least I could get her high enough to knock her out for the night.

Thank Dog for acupuncture!  Anytime Juno has soreness from her hip dysplasia, it reduces inflammation and helps get blood flow to the tight muscles. Sometimes Juno needs acupuncture a lot. Sometimes she doesn't need it for a while. It depends completely on circumstance or if she has too much fun kicking Loki's butt.

Today she went in for her needles and her right jodhpur had much soreness! Dogtor Hilary had to massage the area a long time before Juno allowed her to stick her with the needles.

The photos below are from a previous acupuncture appointment that she had for soreness in her shoulders from digging a hole half way to Siberia. Most of the needles are in her upper back for that reason. Although it seems like a dog would not enjoy this, Juno doesn't mind at all, in fact, most of the time, she chills right out and takes a nice long nap while her needles go to work. Sometimes Loki's with her settles right in and naps right next to her.

Needles are in, with the help of the bag of food-ables. Juno's wagging tail tells me she's pretty content. The first needle to go in, is always the yin channel, to get the doggie relaxed and ready to receive more needles.

Juno's upper back was very tight a few weeks ago. I had picked up on this when I had taken her to Physical Therapy and she looked very unhappy to be there. Usually she loves going to PT. Really. We didn't go to the appointment and instead went to acupuncture. A good move. When Dogtor Hilary examined her, she felt a great deal of tight muscles in her upper back. Dogtor Hilary guessed that she may have been digging. Who, Juno? Nahhh....

The gratuitous jodhpur shot. For her fans.

"This amber lighting works well with my naturally beautiful eyes, doesn't it?"

After a while, it's sweet dreams for June-Bug:
"Hunky malamutes feeding me an endless supply of giant juicy bones!"

When she's fully cooked, Dogtor Hilary comes back to massage her and remove her needles.

"Awe...Doc, that's the spot. Is it really time to go? I was just getting so comfortable!"

Afterwards, Juno sets her priorities straight. She jumped up on the counter to smell the flowers. Because we should all stop and smell the flowers, right? But then ...

"These flowers are quite nice, but I wouldn't mind a few more Zukes for the road. How about it Mom?"

That's my girl. Siberian priorities always in the right order.

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24 comments on “Priorities”

  1. Well, whatever happened you got a nice massage and nommy foodables out of the deal. My vet does the acupuncture and chiropractic too (snap, snap). One time I had a sore bottom and she just kind of rubbed my back in a funny way and POP and I felt all better.

    Hope you just overdid the zoomies.


    P.S. Yesterday I had to do sit stay whilst momma opened the door ALL THE WAY and would not let me go out. She used cookies to help me focus. I hope that is OK and then after I was a good boy we went out and played. Sob. Poor me!

  2. gosh she is beautiful--guinness got that feel good needle in his head once too! he had acupuncture for his leg. i thought it was an excellent treatment--i wish i could have them both go regularly but it is so far for us to drive and so expensive. i would be wealthy if it wasn't for my wolfhounds--but they have provided me with a richness that money could never buy

  3. Wooos Juno, I know woo were not jumping to smell them flowers because I do the same thing, We know where the goodies are!
    I hope woo feel better now!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  4. My Bentley used to have acupuncture and he's fall asleep every time. We'd have to watch him carefully to keep him from rolling onto his back and bending the needles. Afterwards he'd be ravenous, so we kept a supply of crackers and dog biscuits nearby.

    It worked great for him and helped him move around with much less pain.

  5. Oh, I didn't know Juno had those health issues. Poor baby. She does seem great by the end of the post though. Forget the flowers, humans. We all know where the treat jar is. Very glad to see my furiend all better. Kisses to make it better!

  6. Yeesh I think Juno is trying to give you gray hairs. Glad the acupuncture helped straighten her out. I've never had a narcotic before so I didn't know that. Really puts some things into perspective about some stories I've heard. Sad.

  7. Juno, glad you are feeling better. My peeps take me to the Chiropractor often and they get funny looks when they tell other folks about it. Seems like your peeps are WAY cool. Don't you just love the pampering? And the foodables too! I think we are living life right!

  8. Poor Juno, I hope your acupuncture and massage helped! My humane woman has had acupuncture and gets massages after her chiropractic adjustments, so she can attest to how wonderful it is! Hope you are feeling better and can get right back to having fun!! Just take it easy and don't over-do it!

    Holly and Khady Lynn

  9. Hey Juno
    So sorry to hear that you have been in the wars. That Doctor lady looks very nice.Thank you for sharing your acupunture appointment with us - we have never seen one of those before. You sure looked comfortable...and loved!
    Sending you healing vibes your way.

  10. Sorry we are so late these days getting to your posts - Mom says she is extra busy - can't imagine why:) But we are so sorry to see that Juno was having some discomfort. But the wonders of acupuncture. It is amazing to see these photos of her tolerating the needles so well. Are you sure she is sibe?

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. Oh Juno - am glad it was nothing serious!! I also had a very big, rough play last weekend with a new Dane friend I made and the next day, my hip was a bit sore and I was walking a bit funny...people were stopping my humans in the park to ask about me! My humans got very worried coz you know, I'm a "mature" girl now and wondered if I was starting arthritis or something...but a day later, after a lot of sleeping, I was fine again and bouncing aroung and chasing toys and doing spinning dance moves, etc, with no problem...so I think I just overdid it last weekend. (Sigh), guess us gals who are not young pups anymore can't tear around like crazy like we used to without paying the price!! 🙂

    Honey the Great Dane

  12. We've had similarly great results with acupuncture for our past dogs. Our dog, S, who died last summer, had OCD in 8 joints as a puppy. The vet said to put him down at 4 months old. To make a very long story short, he ended up doing great as long as he got very long walks on soft surfaces every day. Still, he'd occasionally get a huge flare-up. My vet would do intensive acupuncture (2 sessions per day for 2 days) and it would work wonders.

    But, we also joked that the amazing attention of the many dog-loving techs at the vet hospital might have *actually* been the cure!

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