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Working Girl

Working Girl

February 10, 2010
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After Loki's search work last Sunday, Juno also went back to work in her part-time Therapy Dog gig. She's been on medical leave since November for her mysterious illness and in Physical Torture Therapy and I didn't want to freak people out with all her shavings.

Yes, Internet, I'm mean. I make my Siberian work! But I donno. I think she may like it.

"Hey Juno! Are you ready to go to give your dog and pony, err, dog and trick show for your adoring fans?"

"Oh my DAWG Mom! I'm so excited to go back to work!"
"Ok, I'll take this as a 'yes!' "

Vest. Check. Tricky Siberian. Check. Lets go cheer some people up!

One of these days, I'll post her bags of tricks in video format. She's literally one of those entertainer types that just loves to take center stage. And the patients love her.

They say that shy dogs don't make good therapy dogs. I say "phoey." Teach your dog some really fun show-stopping tricks and watch how fast they come out of their shell when their audience ooo's and ahhh's and claps with joy. Juno literally went from a shy wall flower to a huge hambone in just a few months!


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20 comments on “Working Girl”

  1. Hey Juno, as a shy type myself, I can say that you are 87% correct about how "we" can show our inner stuff in the right situation. When I go to the nursing home I snuggle in the people's laps. They love it. I know you must make them feel grrreat. I don't wear a vest thingy though. You look super in yours!!! Way to go!!! I'm soooo very much proud of you. I'm just sayin'.

  2. Mom says Hawk was just like Juno! He did all kinds of tricks to entertain the folks at the nursing home! I just go in and turn on my cuteness and let them fuss over me!


  3. That is so encouraging to hear because Byron is reserved around people. Nice to hear that there are such possibilities.
    Way to go Juno, you rock.

  4. I think Siberians are born performers. Michael and Maverick always got right into the spirit when people clapped. It just seemed to egg them on to greater and more mischievious acts much to my regret. (Try standing in a ring at a dog show while the judge is watching and your dog decides to clown for the ring side audience bol)

  5. We would love to see her in action. Mom hopes one day she could get TD to do therapy work, he is such a big teddy bear.

    And you were so right on about Phantom's pic - he so did NOT want to have his pic taken, Mom was really struggling to hang on to him long enough for the six year old to snap the pic.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  6. I have a really good trick. I do it every night before supper. Mom makes us sit/stay while she puts our bowls on the floor. Then she makes us do a trick before she lets us eat. I like to cover all my bases and do every trick I know all at the same time. It's amazing. I call it the "shake-high5-gimme10-sitpretty-spin" trick. You have to watch really closely or it's just a blur.

    The bad thing is that it doesn't usually work because Mom just makes me sit down again and do just one thing that she asks for.


  7. Hey! I'm a therapy dog too!! (Therapy Dogs, Inc.) So is Samuel (dork boy), Kona (dad's Samoyed) and Abby was too until she retired last year. I love visiting people and seeing their reactions to a 120 pound dog! It's great getting all that attention. Mom and dad want to get Khady involved too.

    You definitely look happy to be back to "work"!!!


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