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Siberian Smack Down

Siberian Smack Down

March 17, 2010
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Our Loki has a penis the size of "heroic" proportions. For the definition of "heroic proportions" see Michelangelo's David and you'll understand why. (Hint: big muscles=small willy.)

"Ya, that's right. I'm the man."

Hey Juno, you ready to show him who's really the boss around here?

"Sure. Make me an offer I can't refuse."

"Geez, I can't wait for Pop to get home. Now I have to go take one for the team."

Internet, for the record, Loki is 4 times stronger than Juno, and though he's a bit of a bully, he dials it way down for her and always self-handicaps. That's my boy. He knows what's good for him!

(Editor's note: using the word "penis" and the song "Beat it" in the same post was completely unconscious. Or not.)

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29 comments on “Siberian Smack Down”

  1. Here I thought they were trying to learn the Moonwalk!

    Loki, you need to talk to your mom about getting you a bigger black bar! She could at least do that much for you!


  2. Ummmm Loki, In MY house we refer to THAT as... my PeeShooter. And I agree with Bunny, BTW.

    Still, we GUYS gotta go easy on the girrrls beclaws the girrls have... Well, you get my drift.

  3. Of course Juno won! Otherwise the video would be called "Formosan crack-dog Smackdown" Ha-roo!

    Miss Moo

  4. So, Loki, after Juno LET you up, you chased her and consider that a win? Ok. Sure. If that makes you feel better.

    P.S. - Love seeing two friends playing and adjusting their strength and playing styles to make it fun for their buddy. Isn't that one of the cool things about dogs? We humans could learn a lot if we just let them teach us.

  5. Golly Wild Dingo mom, I hadn't thought about beat it and well, you know, until you mentioned it. Good one.

    My Airedale was the same with my little basset hound. He would always look over his shoulder and slow down so that she could catch up and tackle him. Hey, it isn't playtime if doggies are actually winning, right? What else would explain Dexter "flipping" Mango and grabbing his throat much like Juno did to Loki.

    Mango Momma

  6. Woooos Loki! Ummmm, proud of your self, are we! I am sure Juno has taken care of that!
    Mum apologizes fur not visiting in awhile, fur some reason she lost all our bloggy friends who are not on blogger, they all got dropped from our list!
    We fixed woo now we have to go find anyone else who is lost!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  7. We know all about the ladies winning here - we have to really keep our eye on Ciara - she is one tough cookie and she has lots of devious moves - she drives TD nuts. But he definitely has the ear and neck pull down pat.

    Loved that reverse 180 move.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. For the francophones amongst us, and to add to this blog's already exceptionally high cultural content (don't thank me, it's only natural...)

    ... "Vous me connaissez mal: la meme ardeur me brule
    Et le desir s'accroit quand l'effet se recule"...

    or, good golly, Sir Loki, you sure like to, ahem, rock!
    Wouldn't mind trying the same move on that juicy little Lhassa bitch next door. (He, if you can use the *P* word, I can use the *B* word. As for your Mom's unconscious subconscious, we won't even think of going there. 'Nuff said)

  9. Awww...LOVE the video!! I have to say - there's a bit in the middle when Juno had you by the throat, Loki, when it was looking disturbingly like one of those wildlife documentaries of wolves hunting down their kill! 😀

    Honey the Great Dane

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