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April's Flower Power

April's Flower Power

April 1, 2010
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This month's masthead conveys the results of what April Showers may bring. I never know what I'm going to do for my monthly masthead until I sit down at the computer. And I'm always amazed at the metaphors I subconsciously conjure. Yes, I had a Flower Power post earlier. But honestly, we all know Juno is my flower girl and Loki is my Power boy. They fit so well together. So I dared to use it again. Loki looks comfortable revealing his feminine side. But I wonder, would O'Keef approve? 

I was a little light on the blogging this month. Loki and I have been in some intense training and it's been, to say the least, draining in some ways. I'll have more on it early May, but suffice it to say, I miss blogging about their silly escapades and I plan to pull back a bit on the training and get back to more publicity of their shenanigans!

Wild Dingo blogging is in da hooooussse!

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13 comments on “April's Flower Power”

  1. Those Stargazer/Rubrum lilies are amongst Mom's all time favourites -

    Here's to some pawesome blooming tales!


  2. It is a rather SILLY SEASON. Hey have you been to a bunch of the GABE blogs to sign up for the pressie give aways??? I want to win EVERYTHING!!

  3. We love the flower power masthead - you are always so creative. Wish we had the excuse of heavy training to explain our lack of posts:( But we do look forward to hearing more about Loki and Juno's adventures.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

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