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Pig's Ear Apologies

Pig's Ear Apologies

April 5, 2010
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Mr. Wild Dingo came home on Thursday. He's been accustomed to bringing home a special treat after long trips. When Juno ran out to greet him, she glued herself to his truck, passenger side and waited. Oops! No treats! Luckily, we had some spare pigs ears that we hide for special occasions. But Juno knew he'd forgotten the special treat and let him know it.

"Hmph! This does not look like a frosted bone from Bow Wowzer, Pop!"

"But Princess, here's a delicious pigs ear for you."
"You insult me. I did my job! I bounced out and greeted you happily.
A pigs ear re-gift is the best you got?"

"Juno, I'm so sorry. I will never forget to bring home the Welcome Home treat again."

"Well, appology accepted. I suppose this pig's ear will do."
"Thank you Princess."

"Humans are so difficult to train. Especially when you end up rewarding them by eating what they give you for a treat."

"Tell me about it! The service in this joint stinks! Where's the ice cold beverage to wash down this salty snack?"

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20 comments on “Pig's Ear Apologies”

  1. Bwaaaa ha ha! I see Juno has read the same book about how to guilt trip your owner that Bunny and Blueberry have read!

    I sense the cone of shame returning!

  2. Our Dad never brings us anything home on his trips AND he gets upset when we don't run to greet him at the door when he returns like his Princess Dakota used to - sheesh - guess we need to work on this situation.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Work him Juno!

    And whilst woo are at it, work WD Woman - just bekhause!
    I've seen what she paws on FB about woo!


  4. So the pigs ear trick didn't work? You are so smart Juno.

    Recently, R noticed a piece of kibble back in a corner where he couldn't reach it. So, he barked and barked for one of us humans to help us. When my husband tried to help, he knocked the kibble below the floorboards. We know from past experience that R will remain obsessed forever if we don't produce the lost item... so I snuck a piece of kibble to my husband who pretended to FIND the piece of kibble. R fell for it!

    Glad that Mr. Dingo is home. Hope that he gets to stay for a while!

  5. Wow, Juno - at least you got an EDIBLE gift! When my human came home after his big trip, all he brought back was some lousy little toy doctor to plug in the computer!!! 😉

    Honey the Great Dane

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