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Training with Skillets

Training with Skillets

May 4, 2010
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A while back a reader wrote in with the comment: "Why is your dog wearing a prong collar? There are other ways of controlling a dog."

Well, I took her advice to heart and decided to try a different tool.

What do you think? Is it working?

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19 comments on “Training with Skillets”

  1. Whats with all the comments lately about prong collars?! Two Pitties in the City got a mean one too!
    The skillet idea could work, but it's so heavy to lug around!

  2. Why is everybody commenting on the skillet? Obviously mom is just doing her aerobics. I can see that the real training tool is the poodle strategically tied to Loki to provide a bit of drag when he gets zoomies.


  3. Hate to think how much maple syrup I need to send you for those flapjacks!
    RE: Doggie-control: We use a snow-shovel up here. Another canadian cultural thing...

    BT snorts,
    PeeS: The truth is finally out. We now know how you got those nicely toned-up arms, Mrs Wild Dingo. Yoga ?! HA...

  4. hah - another word I hadn't heard much of before...skillet? Is that like a iron frying pan? 😛

    I think different tools for different situations & dogs - you shouldn't make blanket generalisations & judgements until you have been in the same situation yourself and are able to prove an alternatve worked better...plus a tool is only as good as its user. Sadly, those that abuse tools give those that use them properly a bad name...


  5. At first in GR I thought the title said Skittles.. that would be another way maybe. Moose had a prong collar when I adopted him and I was horrified but now that I understand how they are properly used I get it. I still don't use one because of the reaction it provokes (either you have a vicious dog or you are a cruel person) which I know makes me a coward. Instead I use a 'gentle leader' which only provokes the 'you have a vicious dog' response since most everyone thinks it is a muzzle. Oh well. After Moose got bit by another dog because I could not effectively control him I realized I did not care what people thought. Let me know how your skillet method works and maybe we will switch...

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