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Better Late than Never

Better Late than Never

May 7, 2010
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We've been remiss at Wild Dingo to thank Mango for his generosity in Mango Minster. You see, about 87,000 months ago (to quote Frankie), Loki and Juno received a presie in the mail for their award winnings. We didn't actually expect any award presies, so it was a pleasant surprise.  Naturally, we took many photos during the mail opening and, well, my easily-overwhelmed brain sometimes cannot make photo decisions so quickly. Hence, we're thanking Mango 87,000 months later.

"Hmmm...a presie from the RH. I can smell his easily-swayed-by-jodhpurs-slobbery-self all over this parcel!"

"Is that for moi? Oh Mango Man! Oh Yeah!"

"Come to momma stuffie. We have some work to do!"

"Oh and he wrote some words. Whatever could his relentlessly large and easy-to-suds mouth have to say?"

"Yup, you're right Mango. Your momma is visually impaired. It has nothing to do with your easy-to-see self."

"This cookie is a bit stale. I'll just stick it on the 'fridge so I can wake up to his relentlessly handsome mug every day."

"And it's mine! Allllll MINE!"

"Hey Principessa, it looks like the RH didn't forget me either!"

"Oh my dawg! My FAVORITE!  A tug rope!  How did he know?"

"Nee Ner Nee Nerrrr! I got a presie too!"
"Oh no you dit'ent. You paw that over this minute!"

"No way Princess. You have your own."
"Whatever. At least I have my jodhpurs. And we all know the RH loves him some floofy jodhpurs."

Ahhh...don't worry Mango! Two is always better than one! Right?

"Let me show you how to properly play with this toy Retardo."

"Ditto, sugar lips. Two can play at this game."

"See you get the plastic part in your jaws and..."

"aaahhh... the sweet heavenly sensation of a good plastic chew! RH sure knows how to make a girl swoon."

"I'll work on the stuffie-ectomy in this corner."

"Big boy, didn't you read the contract when I moved in? What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine."

And the stuffie lived happily never after.

Thank you Mango for your awesome contest this year and the presies! Loki and Juno had lots of fun. They both felt the contest was not only professionally managed but fun to participate in! They will be back next year!

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15 comments on “Better Late than Never”

  1. Wooos Juno and Loki! Loved the pressies, although I think the stuffie would have the same ending here, BOL!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  2. Nice prizes! I wasn't a blogging dog during the event, but I read a bit about it on Hero's blog. Fascinating.

    wags, Lola

  3. It doesn't matter what size the dogmost stuffies live happily never after don't they??

    Happy Weekend Smileys!

  4. I am not so certain that the stuffie is really happy, but at least it is out of it's misery from the jaws of doom. Glad you liked your pressies. You were both big stars at the show.


  5. Jodhpurs are nice but he's REALLY taken by pantyloons...

    Great pressies - even if it only last 87 sekhonds...


  6. I love the stuffie pictures. I've decided that stuffies are made to be un-stuffed and just go with that!

  7. My guys like the unstuffed carcass just as well. They carry them around for years. MangoMinster was much fun. We'll join you there next year.

  8. We agree with Jack, Stuffies are meant to be detuffed and you did a pawesome job! Mango did a great job with the show for sure. Poor DOH was totally worked to the bone huh?

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