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Beach Bums Part Deux

Beach Bums Part Deux

August 4, 2010
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As Beach Bums continues, we find our lead characters in the throws of drama.

"Oh my dawg Princess! There's a labradoink out there in the big scary waters trying to kill a scary beast!"
"We must save him!"


The boxer goes in first.

"I will help you my friend!"

The husky and GSFD do what they do best--stay dry!

"Princess, lets supervise from the shoreline."
"Good thinkin' big boy. They will need some dry helping paws once they reach shore."

Chaos begins when the brave labradoink reaches shore.

"Oh my dawg! It's ALIVE!"
"Don't worry Labradoink! We're here to save you!"

The only girl in the group, the husky, makes a play for the brave boxer and labrador.

"Dudes, don't get so bent out of shape.  Only thing that needs saving is this stick, after I'm done with it."
"Yoo hoo boys! Would you like to warm up and dry off next to my jodhpurs?"
"Maybe after we're done with this stick."

Boys being boys, they each make a play for the latest new toy. Loki being Loki can't decide if he wants to play with the labradoink or bully him and he tries to get in on the group stick play.  Thankfully the labradoink is more mature than to play such petty games and ignores all of Loki's advances.

"Go ahead, blast yourself whacky at the stick Boxer Boy."
"Thanks choco-lab man! Nom, nom, nom."
"Hey does that stick need bitin'? Cuz I'm really good at bitin'. Not so good at swimmin'. But really good at the bitin' thing."

The husky grows bored and soon realizes that you just can't compete with boys and their toys.

"Boys that stick is a dead as a five cent rawhide."

Reading these episodes is a bit like watching the season finale of Baywatch, huh?

...Stay tuned tomorrow for the final episode tomorrow.

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10 comments on “Beach Bums Part Deux”

  1. That is totally exciting play by play action. Sheesh. The labradorks are everywhere and they are all the same. Stupid, happy go lucky little dudes.

    Loki! Good job on only being partially cracker. Must have been hard work for you.


  2. Wooos Juno! I say, leave them boys alone and find woo own fun, like a nice swim in the sea, ahhhhh, wish I was there!
    ~~husky kisses~~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  3. Give a labradork a stick and you amuse him for a day. Let a labradork find driftwood, and you amuse him for a lifetime. Or something like that! Still looks like fun!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Puppy

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