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WTF? Wednesday: Cracked Yogi

WTF? Wednesday: Cracked Yogi

August 4, 2010
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As in WTF is Loki doing in this photo below?

"Seriously Big Boy. This is no time to get your Daily Om on!"

Ahhh... so that's what he was doing:

Is it me, or do I have one of the most ridiculously posing dogs on the Internet? I never get the same shot of him. Either he's got a whole lot of easy-to-capture cracker goin' on or I'm a gifted photographer.

I'm pretty sure I'm not that gifted.

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9 comments on “WTF? Wednesday: Cracked Yogi”

  1. It is rather curious that you seem to have so many full blown insane cracker photos of the Loki dog. Let's just say he is unique.

    Now that I see the side by side photos, I am wondering if perhaps he is not cracker at all, but some sort of mystic.

    Could be. Loki, the great oracle.


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