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Beach Bums

Beach Bums

August 3, 2010
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Yesterday was beach day at Wild Dingo. In the 2 years I've had the beasts, I don't know why I have not done anything remotely beach-fun oriented with them. Oh, yeah, I forgot. The cracker.

I've been wanting to go to a dog friendly beach for a while now to see how they'd like the ocean. But I've been chicken, knowing that Loki is, um, well, you know.  A few weeks ago, Mr. Wild Dingo and I took them to Lighthouse beach in Santa Cruz and let them off leash. They had a blast. So I took them back again.

"Daddy-O, whatchya scardy-cat of a little salt water? Come boogie board with me!"
"No way princess! I don't want to ruin my goth mani-pedi!"

Lighthouse Beach is a very tiny beach that allows dogs off-leash. I've been reluctant to take them because I've heard it was crowded. Even in the middle of a work day (sorry all you nine-to-fivers), there were a handful of dogs there.

Check out the people in the background.  Loki pretty much garners this kind attention anywhere he goes. I have no idea why.

"WTF is THAT?"
"Look at the JAWS on that thing."
"Hail Mary... Full of Grace... Say your prayers fellas."

Honestly, I have NO idea why people gawk.

"Princess, look at this little fella askin' for an invitation to smack down!"

"Catch me if you can, ruffians!"
"Princess, are we gonna take that kind of smack-talk?"
"Shut your yapper Big Boy! The game is on!"

"Come here little fella! Don't start somethin' you can't finish!"

Juno has been hanging around Loki far too long. Look at the cracker face on her below.

"I wanna smack that little fella down so bad, I can taste it!"

"We got him cornered Princess!"

"Darn it, saved by the water! Princess! Step AWAAAY from the water! You'll melt! Remember you're made of sugar!"

"Nonsense! I am husky! I am super-strong! Nothing can stop me!  Ooooo....that water sure tickles! teee-heee..."

Will the confectionary-filled Husky take a chance and dive into the ocean?

What about the cracked-out German Shepherd Formosan Dog? Will his manicure be ruined forever from the harsh, open elements of salt water?

Who else will these two encounter? Friends or Foe?

...Stay tuned this week for another episode of Beach Bums!

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14 comments on “Beach Bums”

  1. Hi Juno & Loki - wow, you guys look like you had a WILD time!! But wait - no swimming?? C'mon, Loki! As a Formosan Dog - you come from an ISLAND! Swimming should be in your blood!! Hee! Hee! 😆

    Isn't it a funny coincidence - I just posted about my visit to a beach too!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Oh, thank heaven that Greyhounds are not the only ones made of spun sugar! I was afraid people would think I'd sprouted two heads!

    I can't fathom why anyone would be afraid of Loki, either! I mean, didn't they see that pedicure?! He's obviously very comfortable being a metrosexual male!

  3. Surfs Up Dude and Dudette.

    Looks like a lot of fun playing on the beach and getting a tan. There is no beach around here that we are trusted without a leash.

    Remy and Flash

    Juno, are you sure you are not like the wiked witch of the west and the water will melt you? Loki has been telling stories.

  4. AWESOME!!!! We're might happy for the dog-friendly ponds around here (we're a little too far above sea level to have any quick trips to the ocean...), but that ocean stuff looks fun. As for the 'cracker dog' comment? We both resemble that remark, thankyouverymuch.

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Puppy

  5. Ha - exactly the reaction to water that Mom thinks we would have. Give us snow any day.

    Yes, Mom does vacuum a lot, but not every day. She has to keep the white rug fairly clean because of all the little ones playing here. But it is also good at concealing our furs. The purple Dyson is always very full of white and gray furs. Now the hardwood floors are another story altogether. They seem to act like magnets for the furbunnies.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. We're furry careful not to let the salt water up over our feety-feets.... cause you just never know. Why take the risk????

    jack a-roo & miss moo

  7. Watch out for the state park rangers....It's beach is not officially off leash.
    They will ticket you if caught...FOLF (Friends of Lighthouse Field) is advocating for off leash access.

  8. We used to live on a coast, and our pups LOVED the beach (and swimming - Labs don't melt 🙂

    Glad yours had such a good time!

  9. WHat an awesome beach. Mooses would love a beach like that. We are surrounded by water but there are no beaches and it is all private property anyway 🙁
    BOL about Moose's pink necklace and pathetic look. I have no clue why his foster mom put a pink bandana on him! I did not even notice it back when I was dog hunting but posted this pic a few months ago and was like WTF? There are so many nice girl doggie things out there but no way no how will I put them on my Moose (even though they are adorable!) She was a great foster mom and he loooved it there- 4 other dogs and a huge yard- I actually felt bad taking him out of there so he was very happy, but he often gets a woe is me look when the camera comes out. Works pretty well when you are looking to get adopted but I have lots of pics of him loking pathetic and abused just because I have a camera!
    And I have been meaning to stop by after you last commented about not brushing their teeth. I have heard that raw diet types do not need it and it is just one more reason I would love to switch. I am overwhelmed at the thought but am slowly considering it and looking into where I might buy stuff so that he gets a good diet and I don't go broke. Sigh! For now it is kibbles and a tooth brush I am afraid!
    Moose's mom
    p.s. Honey's mom did an excellent post awhile ago about what exactly she feeds honey and how much. It was soooo helpful but I am sometimes puzzled when I go to the store because somethings are packaged differently or called different things and american stores carry different things. I would love it if another raw feeder living in the states would do a post like that... hint hint 😉

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