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I Don't Make this Stuff Up

I Don't Make this Stuff Up

September 5, 2010
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So I come home after a long day of shopping and toss out some new toys for the dogs to keep them busy while I put things away. Both dogs are starving for some action. Loki especially misses training and working. He's desperate to play with anyone. Even at the expense of his own dignity. As I'm putting groceries away I walk by them and see this:

"Hey Mom, check out Loki's behind! *Snicker-Snicker*"

I swear Internet, I don't make this stuff up. No pun intended. Seriously, this is a reality blog. Aside from dressing them up in silly hats, glasses and masks, I don't think I'd ever have the creativity to stick a "No Stuffing" sticker on my Buns-of-Steel dog.  Somehow, that sticker got there some other way.

"What's so funny Mom?"

Ah, now it makes sense. Thank Dog that Juno didn't have a "Kick Me" sticker. Poor Loki.

"I still don't get it. What's so darn funny?"

"WTF is that?"

"How rude. Darn Juno! She's very lucky she's a Princess."

In other news, we're still settling in. Both dogs are going stark raving mad not being able to cut loose off leash. Cross your paws that we can get our fence installed soon. I've let them off-leash a few short-lived times in the farms away far away from the livestock (no evil thoughts or jokes Sibe-readers) but I'd prefer to let them run in their own back yard. I can tell Loki is going crazy not working or running. Juno herself had a little yahoo moment today herself, when she chose to blow off a ball toss in place of running around like an electron and jumping straight into the driveway and out into the quieter street. She came back on the 3rd call, and moments later Mr. Wild Dingo came out ready to hunt her down. Damn sibe.

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17 comments on “I Don't Make this Stuff Up”

  1. BOL...that is SO funny. No stuffing there huh Loki?

    You also asked what condition Samick has. He has a mass in his urinary bladder in a really bad spot where everything kind of comes together.

  2. Oh Loki! The things dogs must do for their humans' art and blogs! I am still laughing over that -- especially the wtf picture. You were born to be an entertainer!

    Juno, I'd say go for it, but we've all been warned!

  3. Oh Juno! What a character, yuh, all putting that on Loki's butt. Hehehe.

    Sorry you two are going cracker there in Switch Yer Land. Maybe you could take up cattle herding on the side to keep you busy.


  4. OMD what a pleasure! This is my first blog visit in ages and this is what I see?! Hey, I don't know which photo to grab for the hiney contest. I love the top one, butt... it's your decision. If you don't mind, it'll take a moment to fill out the form. I'm sending you the link. All you need is the photo and Loki's name, unless you have more family members participating. Of course, a funny tag line would be nice too, butt again it's up to you!
    xo Twinkie

    Ooops, the link: http://twinkietinydog.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html

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