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Everything's Just Dandy

Everything's Just Dandy

October 11, 2010
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Last week, our Sea Shipment arrived. No, we didn't get a truckload of lobsters. It was the rest of our furniture. We were told it could be up to 12 weeks before we saw even a delivery date. Happily, it arrived in customs at 5 weeks but we couldn't receive it right away because Mr. Wild Dingo was, sigh, traveling again. Damn Europeans and Asians can't seem to get enough of him.  So he was home for a weekend  before the arrival and what a weekend it was! It was sunny and warm and we managed to get a few rides in. I also managed to climb my first Col--the Col de Marchairuz--on my new bike. After our ride, we hung out with the dogs and I took a nap outside in the sun.

"Wow, that ant looks so interesting. I could stare at it all day."

That's my boy Loki lately. A little "out of it" and he's becoming so docile these days. He makes friends with everyone: the gardener, the postman, the carpenter and the water meter reader. He barks when there's a visitor but quickly hushes and makes friends.   The neighbors love him and are always impressed with both his and Juno's behavior. Those skillet beatings really must be paying off. It's bittersweet. I kind of miss the cracker. But I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. You can never be too prepared when there's crack running through the veins of a German Shepherd Formosan Dog. 

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."

The husky is up to her usual tricks. She looks innocent but shoes have been eaten and books have been torn. She's escaped 2 or 3 times OK, so Mr. Wild Dingo left the basement door open and she wandered out. Thankfully Juno loves me better than the neighbor's yard. She came running to me minute I called her. That is so UN-Siberian. I'm just sayin'.

"Do we look Swiss yet? We feel Swiss. Where's the fromage? The fondu? The Bernese Mountain Pups?"

Loki's doing lots better on the itching front. I re-read Dr. Billinhurst's BARF Diet booklet, which arrived in our Sea Shipment. Something really jumped out at me. Last year he was on Salmon Oil just for better health. I added in a supplement that had Flax seed in it (among other things like shark cartilage) and his and Juno's coats just became so shiny and soft so we kept them both on it. When we moved here, I did not have Salmon Oil nor could I find any easily but I continued the Flax seed supplement. The BARF booklet mentioned that though Flax seed is excellent for dogs, some dogs who are taking it without active Omega 3 Fish oil can develop inflammation and itchy skin.  Apparently there are such things as active and inactive Omega 3s and 6s and to complicate things, there needs to be a specific balance of 3s to 6s. Flax seed has both, but I'm not sure if they are active or inactive and to what ratio.  And I won't go into detail on the what's or why's because it is still a bit confusing even for me. But it made a lot of sense since Loki rarely itched (though he did a bit) back in the states, but he was on Fish Oil and the Flax seed supplement and here in CH, he was on only the Flax seed for the first 5 weeks. I'm hoping this is the answer because as he's weening off his prednisone this week, he's been on the fish oil for 2 weeks now and I plan to leave him off the flax seed for a few weeks as well. He seems a lot better and less anxious and less unhappy about being here.

"Salty with a hint of Pale Ale flavor! Just the way I like my Pop."

Juno's fascinated with something living in our garage. I haven't seen evidence of it, but she's convinced it's there and even the cracker had a hunting session or two with her for the free-rider. I've given her carte-blanche to use whatever means possible to eradicate the non-paying tenant. But so far, there's been no signs of the rodent.

The doors to the basement and garage are really old heavy doors with big black iron locks. It sometimes takes all my body weight to push the door unlocked and open because the latch is not quite aligned properly. The other night, Juno was on a mission and literally threw her body against the door to open it and hunt. She must have seen me do the same.  She really never ceases to amaze me. In so many ways she's so delicate. I mean, with hip dysplasia, she plays much more gingerly than most sibes that I know. She walks like she's made of sugar. But when she wants to, she will bowl you over or open an iron latched door with super sibe strength.

"Pop, you really should take better care of your skin and exofoliate more often."

"What's the big idea giving HIM any attention? I'm the Princess in this family!"

"I'm not pleased with sharing of the human's affections. I highly disapprove and I shall commence my Siberian super aloof power."

"Ya, that's right. I'm aloof and I'm Siberian. What are you gonna do about it?"

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13 comments on “Everything's Just Dandy”

  1. I am cracking up at Juno's expressions! I have a feeling someone's shoe didn't get eaten, but perhaps filled with an unpleasant Siberian by product, perhaps!

    It's good to hear that Loki is feeling better!

  2. Hah! Sounds like I need to pay a visit, just to show you pups how to effectively hunt and destroy critters on (and off) your property.

    Miss you! (even that Husky tramp)

    Sugar (and her Crazy Lady)

  3. The world had better watch out should Juno and I get together!

    I'll work on her listening skills!

    PeeEssWoo; Great post BTW!!!

  4. If Juno needs any help with that rodent,TD would be more than happy to help - he is an expert at critter detection.

    Both dogs look great - you got some beautiful photos of them in this post, especially Juno.

    Good to see you may have an answer to the itchies.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. I'm so glad that Loki's doing better! Juno has the Sibe aloofness down, all except for the habit of coming to you when you call! It sounds like, perhaps, things are calming down and no shoes will be dropping or being chewed...

  6. Juno is a perfect angel at all times and I am SHOCKED that you would accuse her of shredding sandals. Really. And clearly she has had to take over on all fronts as Loki adjusts to his inner Swiss. I mean, eradicating monsters in the garage is really the job of the cracker, am I right? Looks like Mr. Wild Dingo is turning into a mastiff. He is recumbent in all those photos.


  7. I love looking at all your dog photos. They are so incredibly beautiful. And your captions are hilarious. 🙂

    I'm glad Loki is feeling a little better now!

  8. We are very happy Loki is happier and Juno is continuing her Siberian activities of destroying anything she wants and turning of the affection is she does not get the resonse she wants or gets bored. Well Done Juno, well done.

    Remy and Flash

  9. Oh Juno, you have such a Malagal face!! I just can't get over how much your markings are like mine! Are you sure there isn't any Malamute in there? 😉

    I hope you can find the creature in the garage!


  10. Yeah! Your stuff arrived, itches left, Cracker's adjusting, and the Princess still reigns.... all in all, all is well. That's swell!

    jack a-roo & miss moo

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