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How Rome Tastes

How Rome Tastes

October 3, 2010
Posted in: Dogs | Reading Time: 1 minute

I left the house for 15 minutes. Fifteen lousy minutes. Not a lot can happen in 15 minutes, right?

"They say historians cannot fully explain the rise or fall of Rome. Soon, they will say that about Siberian mastications."

"I've had better antipastos than this."

"Hey Princess, how come you didn't eat Pop's sandals?"
"Looks like the legions saved them. This time."

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15 comments on “How Rome Tastes”

  1. Just keeping busy. No doubt Juno has had her eye on that book for sometime. I bet she is also luring the humans into a false sense of security that the sandals are safe. Saving them for a nice snack, right?


  2. Way to own it Juno! Moose won't go anywhere near what he has gotten into after I have come home! Looks like you are pretty proud of your work! A dog I used to dogsit would eat things when the humans left and it was often something they touched right before they left. One time there was a book on the table and befor they left they picked it up and put it back on the bookshelf between the other books and when they got home that book was pulled out and destroyed! I am glad that moose only destroys food containing things as it makes it possible to thwart his efforts by putting said things out of reach (granted that means all my food is on high shelves!). You can't very well put EVERYTHING out of reach! Sorry for your stuff!

  3. Of khourse, woo furget what 15 minutes is in khanine time -

    Do the math Wild Dingo Woman 😉

    Nice smile Juno - that helps disarm the shrieks!

    PeeEssWoo: Nice false sense of sekhurity fur WDM's sandals!

  4. Ahh that brings back fond memories of when Tommy and Vixen used to eat books 🙂 Lost a few good ones, and it does seem they went for books I had used often and left the ones I didn't care about.

  5. It doesn't take long, does it? You're making me feel lucky. My prankster, R, just rearranges clothing, shoes, and dog beds, but doesn't actually chew them. I should count my blessings.

  6. You should be glad you didn't move to Italy! Juno might have had a lot more trouble with culture shock if you'd gone there. Rome wasn't built in a day, but it appears that it can be destroyed in one!

  7. She doesn't look too worried..."Aw come on, mom, I left most of it intact. Use your imagination to fill in the blanks." Now about those sandals...

    jack -a roo & miss moo

  8. What is it with books? My pups Agatha and Christie once ate several cookbooks out of my cupboard.

    Did they eat the cheap church fundraiser cookbooks? No. Did they eat the dime -a-dozen Fannie Farmer? No. They started with the $70 Julia Child on baking cookbook and ended with the hard cover version of the NYT cookbook.

    Talk about expensive tastes!

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