Same Circus, Same Clowns

Yup. We’ve been in this rodeo before. Over ten years now. It never gets old.

Of course, the clown (unidentified, but we’ll call him MWD) rewarding the criminal with cookies (seen in his hand) may have something to do with crime rates at Wild Dingo. I’m no sociological statistician–just the ringmaster at this circus.  I call this sideshow, “Cookies for Criminals.”


April Fools!

038/365 – I am fully recovered from my addiction to mastication. April Fools!

I guess the joke is on me. Sigh. It’s like I’ve never owned a Siberian Husky before.

Meditation or Mastication?

“As far as I see it, I did you a favor. According to this Yoga Journal, it says that five minutes of meditation per day can decrease stress and improve overall health. Obviously, the editors made a mistake. They meant five minutes of mastication per day. I could even argue for more than five minutes. And they call themselves a journal? These days, quality news is hard to find.”

Déjà Shu

Last week, I posted a photo of yet another book mastication on Facebook. Hours later, I went downstairs and found one of Mr. Wild Dingo’s brand new leather flip flops, torn apart. So he threw it away when he got home. We went out to dinner that night and came home to find that his trash can, which we normally would either empty or place up high, was still on the floor, upright and untouched. The torn flip flop was still inside, undisturbed. Surprised, we asked Juno why she neglected to raid the trash can and eat the flip flop.

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Green Machine

Many don’t know this, but Juno is an avid recycler.  She was happy to discover Switzerland’s strict recycling rules, such as separating all plastics, aluminum, glass and cardboard into separate bins.

The second week I was here, I made a big faux pas by tossing some used paper towels into the green trash bin without putting them in a trash bag first. Mr. Wild Dingo nearly had a melt down when he saw the trash men emptying our green bins by hand. “All non recyclable trash goes into government-approved black trash bags and no other kind of bag,” he schooled me. Continue reading “Green Machine”

Hot Stock Tip

Wild Dingo predicts a bull market in the flip flop industry. Timing: 24-hours after Mr. Wild Dingo finds this latest flip flop mastication. Zappos stock headed for sharp gains.

(Sorry Mr. Wild Dingo)

The Methodology of Shoe Tasting

Recently, I went to a wine tasting in Lausanne. Scratch that. It was a wine appreciation because they served hors d’ouvres with each wine to help understand how wine flavor can be balanced with food. I don’t know much about how to taste wine or pair it with food, so it was a great experience.  Who knew you could taste umami in wine? Who knows what umami actually is?

I took home lots of tips and have been experimenting ever since.

Yesterday, Juno demonstrated a similar methodology for her reputable masticatory appreciation of shoes, with one of Mr. Wild Dingo’s flip flops. Continue reading “The Methodology of Shoe Tasting”


Last night we went to a French play, Soupçons, directed by our French teacher’s son. Our French teacher is delightful. She almost makes me want to be a better student.

Soupçons is a play based on the drama Staircase, a 9-hour film documenting the trial of Michael Peterson, accused of murdering his wife in North Carolina. I don’t actually remember the case. Then again, I was living in California at the time of the trial probably too focused on working. (Internet, can you believe that I once had a work ethic?)

The play was outstanding. It was a contemporary play using various forms of media, such as overhead projectors, a TV screen, and video/film. The stage was barely set with tables and another stage and the actors would often change the set during their performance. It was beautifully executed even with no intermissions. The talented director managed to bring some lightness into a heavy subject by making some of the testimony comical. The online gay prostitute appeared in court in his skivvy’s and the medical expert looked like science geek with high-rise pants while he presented child-like drawings of the the murder scene as evidence. I wish I had a better grasp of the language because the play was just outstanding.

Soupçons literally translates to “suspicion.” When we got home, we had a trial of our own.

“Hey Mom, the evidence is by Loki’s bed. Tu ne peux pas avoir un soupçon que je l’ai fait! C’est logique qu’ il est coupable!” Continue reading “Soupçons”

Siberian Justice

Earlier this month, Mr. Wild Dingo and I spent some time with visiting friends, touring as many of Switzerland’s attractions as possible. On one of the days we visited Chillon Castle, a historic monument in Montreaux that was constructed under several periods in history: the Savoy (11th century), the Bernese era (16th century) and the Vaudois era (18th century-present).

The castle is built on a rocky island and was strategically located to control movement between the north and south of Europe. The oldest written mention of the castle dates back from 1150 and shows that the Savoy family controlled the fortress and the path along the lake shore. 

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Je N’Aime Pas Dire Au Revoir


The TravelMarx left on Friday, after spending two extra days being snowed in with airport and airline shut downs. I really hated seeing them leave.

Yes, those are my new boots I’m modeling in the photo. Don’t worry. I already bought another pair by now. One specifically for dog walking.  I’m thinking I need at least 3 or 4 more pairs. At the very least. A brown leather pair because you can’t always wear black, a trekking/hiking pair, a back up dog pair for when Juno eats my dog walking pair, and a high-heeled pair even though they are not practical, but just because I like spending Mr. Wild Dingo’s money. Did I mention that Mr. Wild Dingo buys his flip flops in quantities of three? He pre-purchases Juno’s chew toys expecting them to be eaten. So it’s only fair I do the same with my boots, right?   Continue reading “Je N’Aime Pas Dire Au Revoir”

Breaking the Mastication Fast

So yesterday I was getting ready to write a post to mock all the Dansko Pool Players, calling them “amateurs,”  because who did they think I was? A new Siberian owner? Then Mr. Wild Dingo and I came home from our anniversary dinner to this:

Wait, it’s my yoga block. And it’s in the foyer. Hmm.  I don’t remember leaving it there. In fact, this is where it should be: Continue reading “Breaking the Mastication Fast”

Dansko Betting Pool

Alert readers will note a new feature in the right side bar: The Dansko Betting Pool. The Betting Pool is now open to take bets on the number of days my Dansko shoes survive.  The house (me) bets that shoes will last for 180 days or more. If they don’t make it to that fateful day, then the person with the number closest to the day that the shoes bite the dust will win the bet. The winner will receive a package of the finest Swiss chocolate I can find. And let Mr. Wild Dingo tell you that I’m quite the connoisseur of chocolate. It won’t be cheap and it won’t be lacking in variety or quantity.

 “You’d be a fool not to bet against the house!”

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